Pileup Shuts Down I-96

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARNE, Mich.  —  Multiple car crashes on I-96 eastbound closed the expressway near the 48th Avenue/Lamont exit.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department said it is not clear yet how many vehicles are involved or if anyone is hurt.

As many as 20 vehicles may have been involved. One semi jackknifed and blocked both eastbound lanes.

The highway was strewn with car parts, wheels, bumpers, and vehicles facing every direction.

The crashes took place around 9 a.m.

(Photos by Jodi Zissler and George Cavanaugh, both FOX 17.)

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  • Workinman

    My wife saw two cars in accident, a driver spun out right in front of her, but didn't see the pileup. She does remember driving along side of the FedEx truck at Eastmanville but passed it. She must have narrowly missed this disaster!

  • Bonita

    People need to slow down, they are in such a hurry, I came through at 7:30 am, a nice slow stream of traffic! It may take up some of your time, But at least you will arrive, and not end up in a ditch, or into another car!!

  • Brandi

    All it takes in one driver driving too fast or not paying attention in weather conditions like this morning to cause a pile-up like this. Please for the sake of yourself and everyone around you, pay attention and slow down. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt in this.

    • Dave

      Drove that road every day for 27 years and was never in an accident because I was very lucky and I took it slow in bad weather conditions. Saying a short prayer during a whiteout helped too.

  • Bridget

    I was one of the vehicles in the accident. I was driving slow – but there was a whiteout and by the time I could actually see, I saw that both lanes were blocked by cars!! I barely was able to miss several cars and drive into the ditch. I hit one of the road signs pretty hard, but I didn't hit anyone else. I then tore the bumper off my car so I could move it forward a hundred yards…good thing I did as there were 3+ cars that ended up hitting that very spot later!! I am so thankful for God's watchful eye!! I am praying there were no serious injuries too!! Yes, drive slow folks!

    • God

      I didn't watch out for you, for I don't exist. I am a figment of your imagination that you were duped to believe.

      Chalk it up to you were just lucky.

      • Mel

        It's idiots like you, with unnecessary comments like that, that make it hard for me to not justify some of these lunatics with guns… Maybe they aren't senseless killings. Maybe they're people like you who just can't find it in their little minds to shut their mouths. (not you Bridget)

        • Bridget

          Thanks Mel. People can believe what they want. But I believe in God before the accident and certainly AFTER the accident. You couldn't be in something like that today and not be aware that there is more out there than just "chance". I'm just thankful and blessed, that's all I know!

        • Bridget

          I too wish this world was perfect, faultless and at peace. But, we have our sinful selves (and satan) to thank for this fallen world. God can certainly stop anything from happening, but then we'd never see God at work. Why would I expect God to help our nation, and to keep horrific events from happening when we've turned out backs on Him? I pray every day for our nation to get better, to improve….but I have to start with myself first. God bless you Jason even if you don't want it.

        • Susan

          It is called Free Will Jason, don't go blaming God for Evil in this world, he gave us Free Will and that is what some choose, evil. Jason, try this, say a quick short prayer and ask God to show himself to you over the next few days, he will, just open your heart and mind a tiny bit.

  • debra knoll

    Daughter was in an accident that wrecked her 4 wheel dr. Tahoe just before that accident, in the same place…she was able to get off the highway before the accidents happened.

  • cynthiaschaefer

    gotta slow down they were warned by weather man to be careful as it could get worse but oh no gotta fly like birds.just hope no one got hurt bad.my son was stuck in the traffic jam either coming or going to gr,in company truck.please be careful for yourselves n others n drive slowl or as traffic flows.in this kinda weather.

  • Jordon

    I was in it!!! insane crash, i hit the guard rail and pulled back on the highway…i didnt want to be rearended with kids in the car

  • Aj from coopersville

    It was between the coopersville exit and the Marne exits where the road is straight for a few miles. My family calls it the home stretch and it lulls impatient drivers into a false sense of confidence because there are no curves and people with better tires than the rest of us go too fast, and then, oops. XD