Michigan Snow Totals So Far This Winter

MICHIGAN — (FOX 17) — This season started with a lack of snow, but in the past few weeks, many cities in Michigan have put a big dent in the snowfall deficit.

In Grand Rapids, the seasonal total so far is 42.9 inches, which is 11.8 inches below normal. Interestingly, 77% of that total — or 33.2 inches– has fallen in the last 18 days since January 21.

In Muskegon, the total so far is 65.2 inches, just 4.2 inches below normal. At one point, Muskegon had a snowfall deficit of 40 inches for the season.

Here is a look at some other locations in Michigan:

  • Lansing: 17.5 inches, 16.6 inches below normal
  • Detroit: 31.5 inches, 4.9 inches above normal
  • Alpena: 27.6 inches, 26.1 inches below normal
  • Sault St. Marie: 99.4 inches, 11.4 inches above normal
  • Marquette: 100.6 inches, 26.3 inches below normal

There isn’t much snow on the way for the next several days. For a look at the West Michigan forecast, join us on FOX 17 News or visit our weather page at

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