Total Compensation for West Michigan Superintendents

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Kaitlyn

    I find it interesting that we are so concerned with what teachers make and how much superintendents make when their jobs are the most important in this country. Without these great people our future would be nothing…no engineers without math teachers, no news journalists without English teachers, etc. We need to stop tearing them down and instead building them up and supporting do they can do the same for our students, our future. When you really compare teachers pay to those of other jobs…they make less than minimum wage per hour…the issue isn’t with the teachers/ administration, it’s with the public who expect them to fix everything they have screwed up. I work with some of the toughest kids in Grand Rapids and I love my job, but the pay I receive is barely enough to live on…I am lucky my husband has a good job because without him we could not live comfortably. Let’s start empowering these teachers instead of criticizing because I guarantee you that none of you could survive in my classroom for more than a day…teaching is a craft not just a job.

  • Travis May

    I'd like to see what a CEO makes that serves 10K people, has 1,000 staff under him/her, and is the face of the city….These numbers are missing some zeros at the end. No one in education is overpaid….

    • Bewildered

      Administrators are definatley over paid… it's the only reason they want the job… to get more money. It's not because of their love for the kids or they would stay in the classroom.


    And we wonder why SCHOOLS are always claiming they are BROKE. Any Superintendent that makes over 100k to 120k should have a MAJOR pay cut. Most of these Superintendent will not take more than 5 min out of there day to talk to a TAX paying citizen, that has children in there schools. I can't believe some of these school districts paying this amount for someone to over see the schools. People that stick up for this kind of FLEECING of TAX payers, need to wake up and smell the coffee. Teacher make nothing compared to that, and deal with more issue than that OVER paid SUPERINTENDENTS do. But Teachers have UNIONS to cover there butts, no matter what kind of teacher they are, since a teacher had to say something about this. (THIS IS ABOUT HOW OVER PAID THESE SUPERINTENDENTS ARE NOT HOW TAX PAYERS BASH TEACHERS) I think there should be an initiative to put a CAP on what these clowns make.

  • Bewildered

    Wow! This should be a wake up call as to why the legislature is trying to cut school spending when people who are never in a classroom make this much money. Maybe legislators should just make salary caps for superintends to align with student numbers instead of cutting school funding. Everyone knows the superintendent and his/her buddies in administration aren't the ones getting financially whacked.

  • Jeff Peterson

    The way you reported this, Jessica is inaccurate. The number you reported is salary PLUS benefits PLUS retirement/pension. By stating that figure is “salary” only you’ve made it seem that these superintendents “make” a lot more money than they really do…and you’re doing the community a disservice.

  • The Whole Picture

    And the benefits, and the retirement/pension, is part of the overall salary, THEY ARE STILL GETTING. I think that is accurate because that's giving the full picture of all the everything they are getting and not just half the picture. Don't just give the salary and not the benefits, raise the benefits, and only show the salary so the numbers $$ look better. It's the whole picture of what they are getting, yet students go without and complaining they are underpaid. Do look at what they get when retire. That in my opinion, by including that too, paints a better accurate picture of the money going out for a person of that position.

  • educator

    Do the math! Rockford Public school—290,445— 7,975 students….about 36.42 per student…compared to the smaller districts….139,250…..1282 students…..108.64 per student….
    and what about all of the ISD's….we pay for each school district superientents and then a county ISD superintendent……

    • SomeRandomGuy

      I also came here to make that comment. I'm glad that someone else could see it too. Dollars per student means so much more than dollars overall. I actually feel bad for the GRPS Super when compared to the Hesperia.

    • Upset teach

      In kps teachers just set,Ed for a .0025 percent raise… getting less with new ss laws and living in this state.check now les with contract

  • j kringles

    Let's publish the salary, benefits and perks for the top 50 West Michigan ' CEOs' . Let's also publish the educational status. Do they hold a BA, MA and PhD. ? Those damm people in education….LOL

  • Reveal this guy!

    This type of salary is overrated! It all comes down to providing a superiority complex within your board and manipulation and fear tactics to keep one's job and be in the spotlight. Check out KPS Excelsior publication and you will see Dr. Rice feature himself on more pages than students and heaven forbid a feature on a parent, playground helper, crossing guard, secretary or a teacher, He is a narcissist being monetarily rewarded for making things look far better than they are.