Man Accused Of Not Disclosing HIV Jailed After Dating Profile Is Discovered Online

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jeremy Merithew is back behind bars after a judge views an online dating profile FOX 17 first uncovered Wednesday.

Merithew has HIV and is charged with having unprotected sex with another man without telling him he had the virus.

He’s charged with a four-year felony.

His bond conditions required him to stay away from Internet dating sites that were focused on sex.

“His image was displayed naked,” said James Robert Redford, Kent County judge.

In court, Merithew and his attorney listened to new allegations that surfaced after FOX 17 uncovered a profile on a dating website, showing him fully nude, saying he was interested in friendship and “1-on-1 sex”.

“It was quite obvious it was a sexual situation that was being sought out. It was in violation of the bond,” said Redford.

The judge and his defense attorney viewing those images right before the hearing.

“Have you discussed that with your attorney?” said Redford.

“Yes I have your honor,” said Merithew.

The court told Merithew months ago not to seek sex online while he was awaiting trial or resolution to the case and the images uncovered suggested he was doing just that.

Although his attorney argued the comments were not a solicitation.

“There was nothing in the print-out that showed him soliciting for sex and certainly no issues about HIV or his HIV status,” Christine Yared, Merithew’s Defense Attorney.

The judge disagreed, raising Merithew’s bond to $300,000 cash.

It appears Merithew was arrested shortly after we contacted detectives.

“The court directed that Mr. Merithew be taken into custody,” said Redford.

This man is a member of the gay community called us after seeing this new profile on

He says he’s known Merithew in the past and is relieved authorities are taking action to protect the gay community.

He says those who don’t disclose are a serious risk to the public.

“To me, I would say they`re a criminal, I wouldn`t say murderer, but they`re purposely going out to infect the community,” said the man.

The judge also pointed out that Merithew was convicted in Roscommon County of not disclosing his status two years ago.

He said that showed a pattern and felt Merithew might be doing it again on this profile.

“In conjunction with the prior conviction for similar conduct suggests there is an inability or an unwillingness to limit behavior,” said the judge.

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1 Comment

  • Alex

    If anyone happens to look him up online, he posts on his Google+ account that his accuser is lying about the entire case. Also notes that he's a nursing student who is VERY involved in teaching the gay community to OPEN up about their HIV statuses. How hypocritical of him to not inform his partners of his OWN status! What a creep! He should be ashamed of himself! How is he still allowed to practice medicine/study medicine with a prior HIV related conviction? I could care less if I have a nurse with HIV, except unless they're trying to HIDE their status; this idiot shouldn't be allowed to be near a medical facility, especially with the intention of studying PSYCHIATRY!