Comet Visible Again Tonight

WEST MICHIGAN — (FOX 17) — Skies have finally cleared, so I wanted to remind you that a comet is visible for the next week in West Michigan.

This image from Sky and Telescope shows where you can see the Comet Pan-STAARS about 15 – 30 minutes after sunset. Since the sunset Thursday night is at 7:48PM EDT, you should start looking at around 8:00PM. As you can tell from the image, the comet will be visible in the western sky.

Don’t miss this chance tonight, since clouds will be back for Friday Night. There could be some clearing over the weekend, however.

For more on this comet, visit the Sky and Telescope page HERE.

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  • Tom

    Nice I live in San Jose Ca. I used the map and easily found it a little lower. It's a little hazzy here but with binoculars it's visible. Can't wait till Nov. to see the next one.

  • Jason Hulsebos

    I was working road construction last night on 69 towards flint and we all saw a large comet burning green threw the sky and it was the most amazing thing I have seen. Anybody elapse see it I have been searching everywhere with no results

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