West Michigan Women on a Mission

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – They’re a group of small, local business owners in the Thornhills Plaza on the corner of 28th Street and Thornhills Avenue in Grand Rapids and they all happen to be women.   The women lean on each other and lend support considering themselves West Michigan women on a mission.

Three years ago women owned 40 percent of small businesses, by 2018 they`ll own more than 60-percent of small businesses in this country.

Sugar Mama’s Bakery, Inspiration’s of Art Studio and Bodymind Pilates are just a few businesses started by women who call themselves a new generation of entrepreneurs, helping each other along the way.

It`s not just the support that makes the relationships between all of these women so special, it`s the things they teach each other.  They’re hoping to inspire young girls and create the next generation of West Michigan women on a mission.

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  • Julie

    If you haven't been to these business yet, you are missing out! Treat yourself to a fun day at Inspirations of Art Studio, and lunch at Sugar Mommas.

  • Roberta

    Unfortunately the Hair Co. was not interviewed…a 31 year old woman has owned this business for 8 years and should have been recognized. This is in the same plaza as Art Studio, Sugar Mommas, etc. and the salon faces Thornhills, next to Pilates.

  • Christy

    Well she was interviewed because this story was about new entrepreneurs not someone whose been n the business for eight years.

    • Christy

      meant she wasn't interviewed also house this is owned by a woman too again it's been there for a long time stop wining.

      • Amanda

        Don't get nasty Christy. The article clearly states that "It`s not just the support that makes the relationships between all of these women so special, it`s the things they teach each other." do you think that these women haven't learned a thing or two from the other successful women in that plaza? Do you think that the women who have owned their their own business for more than 2 years haven't supported these other new ones immensly? I think all Roberta was saying was that if they are going to interview women entrepreneurs in that plaza then they should have at least mentioned ALL of them.

  • michelle

    also a big shout out to Big Dog Taekwon-Do! They have been in business for 8 years as well. Another big shout out to House This! The Cleaners! We all hold that plaza down! Love us some Pilates! To our newer plaza members, Sugar Mommas, and the Inspirations Art Studio, we welcomed them with open arms ;-)

  • Trevor Greig

    It's really nice to see women progress improvement is small business ownership. By 2018 a great change will see women and I think business sector will develop as well because of men and women mixed approach to improve business condition. Thanks.