Police Reports Show Why The Venue Is In Danger Of Losing Liquor License

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WALKER, Mich. — A popular bar in Kent County is still under scrutiny after complaints surfaced about underage drinking and topless dancing.

The state is looking at pulling the liquor license at The Venue in Standale.

This comes after the City of Walker recommended the bar’s license not be renewed.

FOX 17 has obtained the police reports through the Freedom of Information Act to find out what had been happening at the bar.

The reports date back to 2010 and include a number of calls to the bar indicating problems with serving alcohol to minors, girls dancing without tops and calls about trouble in the parking lot.

The City of Walker used what was contained in the reports as evidence in their decision to recommend the bar’s license get pulled.

First we took a look at a report from last summer which included claims that involved nudity during a body painting event at the bar.

The liquor commission is examining that report at this time.

In that report, Walker Police stated there were women dancing with only paint on their chests during “College Night and Body Paint Night.”  The officer said he told the manager that, “he did not have a topless dance permit and I would have to speak to with the dancers.

“Then he reported that the manager replied that, “they had all run away.”

Police then claimed in the report the manager, “stalled for time to allow them to leave” before they could be questioned.  One woman was located and questioned.

In the bar’s defense, Ajay Chhabra said it was only someone’s opinion that the manager was stalling, and the bar never received a ticket for that incident.

Also, he said event promoters said the body paint is considered clothing which is also written on the packaging.

He told FOX 17 after the city commission vote that he was frustrated with the accusations. “I have no idea what I am going to do. I am very disappointed,” said Ajay Chhabra.

There were also reports dealing with servers giving booze to underage customers.

In 2011, a 19-year-old woman was arrested for operating while intoxicated after she crashed her car.

She told police she was served at The Venue.

Her statement reads, ‘When I walked in, a bouncer put a 21 and older wristband on my wrist and let me drink at the bar. I went inside drank approximately 4 or 5 cranberry vodkas…1 jager bomb and 3 or 4 shots.”

She also said the bouncer allowed her into the bar before and gave her a wristband at that time too.

An employee at the bar was suspended and police interviewed the head of security who said there were lots of minors drinking there and the bar had a reputation for not checking ID’s.

Chhabra told us he was sometimes the very person to alert police to any problems and he felt in some ways he was being singled out.

“We called the cops because minors were out drinking in the parking lot and they tried to blame me for every single thing,” said Chhabra during an earlier interview. There was also a report of frequent after-hours service of alcohol.

An employee told police, “There are numerous LCC violations that take place at the bar, with a frequent violation of serving alcohol after the closing time.”

And, there was reported trouble in the parking lot with damage to cars.

One of four reports indicated that someone had “punched and damaged The Venue`s owner`s Chrysler.”

When looking at the number of calls, Chhabra said out of 57 calls for police service stemming from incidents near the bar in the last three years, only ten originated from inside the bar.

He said that’s typical for bars their size, pointing out that nobody has been stabbed, shot or seriously injured .He said will be at the liquor commission’s next hearing to defend his business.

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  • SJJA

    Pull it! I can't stand this family or this place! Their whole family thinks they're better than the entire world and treats anyone who doesn't own a party store/bar or is rich like complete dirt!

    • Steven Martin

      AMEN… You said it all… BUT If it's pulled another member of there family will get it and open under a new name..Watch that's how them people work… His Brother or cousin runs Konkles and eastown sports bar

  • CommonSense

    Go home, just go home to the other side of the world. The city of Walker does not have the resources to put up with his crap!

  • foozma73

    wow… lots of nationality-bashing going on here. That's not what this article is about. I know nothing of the family that owns the place, but I have heard many stories about the incidents that go on at that bar. Sounds like a pretty sketchy place.

  • fred

    They're lucky there hasn't been a shooting here. They're lucky the crowd is mostly GVSU. Would drive by on weekends and the crowds waiting to get in were massive. Their website has/had numerous posts from their bartenders urging people to visit them because THEY made the best drinks. Wonder if the owner even knows how much money he LOST for over-pours and not ringing up drinks. This isn't an ethnic slur but too often people from different cultures don't get what it takes to run a proper establishment in America. They think America is all "show boobies" and drink, drink, drink….