Grand Rapids Officer Being Investigated

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A Grand Rapids police lieutenant has been placed on leave while he is being investigated.

Lt. Ryan McClimans, 43, was placed on administrative leave April 5 while the department looks into an April 4 domestic violence allegation in Holland. The Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office issued a warrant for misdemeanor domestic violence for McClimans, who surrendered Thursday and was arraigned in 58th District Court.

He was released on personal recognizance.

McClimans has been an officer with the Grand Rapids Police Department since 1994.




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  • bratfink2013

    This only comes to a surprise to those who do not realize that officers are human beings along with the rest of us. They are not robots designed to follow the legal system. These people we trust our lives with are just as corrupt, violent, drug abusing, and criminal as any other person is capable of being.

    • CommonSense

      This story tells absolutely nothing about what has happened for this charge to be brought against this Lt. Don't make assumptions before you hear the whole story.

    • Ralph

      That's not %100 accurate, not at all.
      I have known officers who are Nobel, honest and above temptation.

      I have known military people of the same caliber

  • idunno

    Cops are trained to BULLY antagonize people into more charges……. $$$$$CHA CHING it's what they are paid to do….. Atleast to me more often than naught…..

  • Lacey

    Four accounts isn’t proof enough? I was not speaking against him personally, I am speaking of all officers. Not all of them are bad people but none of them are saints. None. They are people just like you and I and they fuck up. I’m sure this guy is guilty but that’s not the point. I have been harassed by an officer that I had flagged down to report a crime to. He was more interested in who I was and where I was going and what I was doing than he was about the criminal I had just warned him about. I have never been helped by an officer but I have been treated like a criminal for trying to HELP. It maybe personal from time to time but my conclusion on law enforcement is that they are no angels and they think that because they wear that badge and drive around that they’re doing something….intimidation does not stop crime, giving a shit does…and I’m just not seeing enough giving a shit. My opinion is not going to change because some guy thinks I’m mean.

    • CommonSense

      Wow, sounds like you really need to lose the chip on your shoulder against all law inforcement.
      Could it be you that has the attitude to begin with? Judging by your foul mouth reply, I'd say so!!!

  • ivan

    Human or not he is held to a higher standard because he chose to be a cop. If as an officer he can’t or won’t control his behavior he has no BUSINESS being a policy enforcer. Let him get drunk and beat his wife without taxpayer money.

  • Pro207

    cops make mistakes and instead of putting down pray for him to get help. we all need it from time to time. God forgives us all for what we've done and he will be forgiven as well. God bless….

  • 1love

    cops are abusive have experienced it myself in my younger years. Sure it is much worse now. mental makeup of a criminal and a cop are the same google it. They recruit these traits as they have moved from peace officers to black booted para military thugs.

  • Abused

    Wow what a suprise ! And they let him go on his own recognizance? Wtf I ( a male) was attacked last June by my live in gf. Who during a verbal exchange I was kicked in the groin and had her scratch my eyes , I pushed her off of me and went to kitchen to get away she persued me to that area and busted my head open by throwing a bottle then left and called the police ! They cAme and she told them the same story THE TRUTH ! I was then arrested for domestic ! If that ain’t enough I was restrained from my own house for the entire summer she also tried to see the judge to get it removed however the Grand Rapids dart team( liars) would not allow her to speak to the judge !! The prosecutor actually wasted tax dollars to prosecute this case and I was found guilty !!!! And then allowed to go home after trial ! All they want is to convict convict convict and its pathetic a jury would find a guy guilty when she got on the stand and told them the truth and the officer testified she had no marks but I did !! Were is the justice in this ! The real domestic violence victim was prosecuted !!!! Pathetic ! GRAND RAPIDS POLICE AND THE COURTS ARE CORRUPT AS THEY COME never got my appeal either as my request was filed and sat there until the appeal by right clock ran out . THEY ARE DOWN RIGHT DIRT BAGS THE WHOLE BASKET OF EM !

  • deederdude

    Wow, so much hatred toward cops… Not all cops are abusive. My husband is the most loving man I have ever met in my life. I've known him since we were both five years old and he genuinely wants nothing more than to help people. And I never saw a man who takes better care of his animals or family. Does he make mistakes? Yes, of course he does. Does he make "mistakes" by beating me or other people? Absolutely not, because those actions are terrible choices some people make, and are not "mistakes." Please don't generalize all cops– yes, statistically speaking, police officers, lawyers, and doctors have a higher percentage of committing domestic violence, but alas, just as there are bad people in the world, there are also good.