Teammates Remember CMU Hockey Player After B.O.B. Accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ricky Jones, Steve Basinski, and Matt Cinader – along with the rest of the Central Michigan club hockey team – are still in shock after the sudden death of their teammate.

“We’ve been talking all day about him,” Jones says. “How he was the best friend that you could ask for.”

Grand Rapids police say Zachary Bunting, 21, fell 40 feet off a stairwell inside the B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids just after 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

But through the shock comes smiles, brought by the memories of a young man who always made sure one was on his teammates’ faces.

“He always had the one-line,” Basinski says. “Always had something to say that made the moment perfect. It was so funny. He was always chirping with everybody, just messing around with everybody.”

“There was never a dull moment.”

“We’d always prank each other around the house,” Cinader adds. “We’d throw cold water on each other in the shower, tape the nozzle on the sink so when I turn it on, it’d spray me. He was all about that.”

“Everyone wanted to be around him,” Jones says. I wanted to be around him all the time because he was funny.”

“He was just the best friend anybody could ask for.”

And now the team asks for something from everybody who knew Bunting.

“We don’t wanna so much mourn his death,” Basinski says. “We want to celebrate the great person and great friend he was to everybody.”

“He’s left it all on the ice when he played,” Cinader says. “Never really fancy or anything, just played his heart out.”

“I guess that’s how we remember him, is by doing that.”

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  • Brad

    To all:

    My heart goes out to the friends and family who lost this young man. My best friend had fallen at the B.O.B two and a half years ago on his 21st birthday and lost his life. I’m my eyes there needs to be something done about this. One time is too many and now it has happened once again. The BOB clearly knows that this is a problem and should be addressed. As for a solution to this problem stairs or large open areas that has potential of someone falling over should be omitted. 9 out of 10 customers at the BOB after 9pm are not sober. You should use the $10 cover that you charge per person and make your building a safe environment for the crowds that you attract. One time is too many. And I will be praying for the friends and family who lost this young man. There needs to be something done about this.

    • Guest

      Ok you say something needs to be done about the BOB right? So we should send every person to the bar with a sober baby sitter? It's not the BOB's fault the fell. It is not their responsibility to assign baby sitters to each person. It is the persons job to know right from wrong. It is the persons job to know when they have had to many. and it is definitely the persons job to know that you shouldnt be sitting on or near a railing if you are drunk. So again the bob is not to blame here its people trying to find someone to blame but the person who actually is at fault. yes its sad that the person died. but my favorite quote to live by is be careful when pointing your finger at someone because there are 3 more pointing back at you. You want to blame the BOB for what they've done wrong. why dont you sit back and look at what that person was doing when they fell. There are state wide regulations for how high railings and windows and whatever have to be near stairs or outside balconys or whatever. so if they meet regulation standards theres no problem besides the person doing something they shouldnt have been doing. so think before you start talking about stuff like this.. what was he doing that caused him to fall.

  • TJ343

    And now what happens to his soul? Heb 9:27 says that it is appointed upon men ONCE to die, and after this the judgment. So MANY people tragically live out their lives blissfully unmindful of the fact that they are accountable to God. And now Zachary is facing ETERNITY. How about you dear reader? Are you ready?

  • sheffy321

    A few months ago my husband & I went the bob, we are from a small town & we're staying in Grand Rapids for the night. We went to the 4th floor after 2 am because someone who worked at the bob told us they were open until 3 am. As we were about to leave for our hotel, my husband put his hat on & one bouncer got mad about it, there were several bouncers by the exit door of the stairwell & they led us both into the stairwell where there were NO CAMERAS & one bouncer began to punch my husband & he fell down some stairs, as my husband lay face down in the stairwell trying to protect his head with his arms, the bouncer continued to punch him in the head & I tried to hold the bouncers arm back, but I couldn't even slow his repeated blows to my husbands head, two bouncers picked me up by my arms as my legs dangled beneath me they ran full tilt down the stairwell & I begged them all the way down to not throw me down the stairs, my husband had pain in his head for quite some time after that. We decided not to call the police because there were at least 5 bouncers in the stairwell with no cameras so we knew it would be our word against theirs.

  • sheffy321

    I thought they were going to kill my husband, they all just watched as that bouncer viciously attacked my husband who is a very small gentle man, …I'm speaking out now because I don't believe in coincidence, there is obviously more people getting "accidently hurt" in that stairwell, time to GET SOME CAMERAS in the stairwell of death so the bouncers can go to jail or prison the next time they attack defenseless people.