Devices Found In School Lockers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BANGOR, Mich.– The Van Buren County Sheriff Department says two devices were found in Bangor school lockers Friday morning.  One in a middle school locker and one in a high school locker.  The middle school and high school are connected buildings.

The school was on lock down for a short time but now back in full session.  Many parents choose to pick up their child after the incident.

No injuries reported at this time.  One suspect is in custody this morning.

FOX 17 has a crew on the scene and will update you with more information as it becomes available.

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  • Yvette

    pop bottle bombs – the devices were not found in the school but went off in the parking lot and the police were called and they locked the school down to do a locker search. My daughter sat next to the suspect and was interviewed by Fox 17.

    • richard

      actually they did not go off in the parking lot they went off in the school one in a middle school bathroom and the other in a high school locker….i was literally 10 feet away from the one that went off in the middle school i was walking to class and it went off

  • Erick

    As a student who attends the high school, people have to understand it was a "works bomb." they cannot do any type of damage whatsoever. they are made to make a noise. it detonated…in a metal locker. calm down. people are making such a huge deal out of this. come on…a works bomb. think of it as an exaggerated popping balloon.

    • Erick

      It didnt even dent a locker. it just got dirty. believe a primary source, a student, who actually goes there. shows how much you should believe the media.

      • Franklin

        Erick, who in their right mind brings any kind of "explosive" device to school? It doesn't matter what type of damage it did or did not do. Especially with the recent marathon bombing? Come on now, you can't expect this to not be made into a big deal. The idiot that did it should be expelled.

        • Erick

          im not saying that bringing an explosive to a school was right. and the "idiot" who did it has autism. He didn't know any better jerk

  • Brandon

    From another student (Posted from a school computer)
    Pop bottle Works "bombs" (Works or Draino, with Aluminum foil locked into a plastic bottle) It's basically a chemical reaction building pressure to burst the bottle.
    It wasn't incendiary and hardly a device. It was well handled by the school officials, and authorities were alerted immediately. Students were detained to the classrooms for several hours while lockers were searched. The student responsible openly admitted responsibility on film, to school officials and police. Frankly, this seems blown out of proportion.

  • Nicole

    Yes, these were only "draino bombs," but that doesn't change some of the thoughts that went through students' minds when an announcement stating the lock down was not a drill occurred. This also doesn't ease the shaken-up parents who received calls from school officials of bombs going off in their child's school. I know, I am one of those parents!

    • Anon

      Yes, that's exactly the point. A healthy middle should be reached of informing what the bomb is. Any bomb should be treated seriously, but many people, student and parents alike would be less panicked by a draino bomb then some other form. The media portrayal just seems to make it worse.

    • Meh!

      Yes, these were only "draino bombs," Did you mean "Drano"? No matter, No bomb is a good bomb and especially in a school filled with children-
      They chose a lockdown to keep the children in the school with the bomb?
      The Duh factor is amazing with you people!
      Happy I left Mi!

  • Guest

    Wy did they have a lock down with bombs in the school?! I would have evacuated the children, and then they would be safer…stupid people.

  • Jenelle

    As a student who was a in class very close to the ''bombs'', I was terrified. I wasn't sure what was going on and whether or not I was going to be okay. It doesn't matter the size or kind of exploisive. It was scary and it is something I don't ever want to experience again.