MSP Release New Test Results In Muskegon Synthetic Marijuana Raid

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich.– New details are emerging from an exclusive Fox 17 investigation that discovered a novelty store in Muskegon was selling a dangerous and illegal form of synthetic marijuana.

Our tests found thethat the substance Bizzaro purchased at the Insani-T’s contained XLR-11, which is illegal in Michigan.

Those results prompted a raid by Michigan State Police at the store back in May, and we were present as undercover officers took away evidence. During that raid, the store received an unexpected delivery package, which police also took into evidence. The test results from that package reveal that it also tested positive for XLR-11.

According to First Lt. Mike Harvitt of the Michigan State Police, the owner of the store, Michael Naffie, could have profited at least $10,000 from that package.

For investigators and prosecutors it’s one more step in a long battle to get this drug off the streets.

“This should be a warning to those businesses that are trying to test the waters that the police are actively investigating even synthetic substances and we will not hesitate to cooperate with law enforcement and charge thosethat are selling these substances because they are harmful to our kids and illegal in the state of Michigan,” said Muskegon County Proseuctor DJ Hilson.

Naffie was charged with the delivery and manufacturing of a controlled substance, a seven-year felony.

He’s expected to be in court July 22, but it’s unclear whether he will face charges from these new results.

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  • DarkStage

    Why are you spending so much time on this minor story? There is so much more about Mr. Naffie and the details of the law and the timing of the raid that you are leaving out. Just can't figure out what your "angle" is on this?

    • James Bradshaw

      They are, hopefully, reporting on this stuff to help deter others from selling synthetic drugs to our kids. I think this is great. Please do not stop reporting on this topic. The poison is killing people.