Victims “Prepared To Testify” In Case Of Teacher Accused Of Sex With Students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former teacher at University Prep Academy in Grand Rapids, accused of having sex with some of her students, was back in court Wednesday.

Jamila Williams is facing seven counts of criminal sexual conduct for having sex or inappropriate contact with four teen boys.

She waived her preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

The case will now head to circuit court for possible trial.

High-profile attorney from L.A., Gloria Allred, was also in Wyoming District court in support of the victim’s parents again Wednesday.

The teens previously told detectives that there were sexual encounters in her car, in an alley near one of the boy’s homes and at a restaurant.
The attorneys who are supporting the families, including Allred, tell us if this case goes to trial, the young witnesses are prepared to testify against their teacher.

“They are going to be very brave. They are going to be very courageous. If Mrs Williams exercises her right to go to trial, she’s going to have to face these boys. They’re going to take the witness stand. They’re going to tell the truth,” said Allred.

You may recognize Allred as a legal commentator on national news programs.

Most recently, she appeared on CNN to talk about the George Zimmerman case.

She typically represents women in high-profile cases.

Allred told us she’s in West Michigan because she felt for the moms tied to the case.

“They do want their privacy at this point. But, naturally they’re very upset,” said Allred.
And new to the case, local attorney Genie Eardley of Cannonsburg.
She said she may work with Allred to represent the victims and their mothers should there be civil litigation.
“The mothers contacted me and asked me to be here,” said Eardley, Cannonsburg attorney.
“It’s really disturbing and upsetting to the moms to have to deal with this among with the many other challenges they have in their life,” said Allred. “So, they’re doing the best they can under the circumstances to continue to be there and supportive of their sons.”

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