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VIDEO: Reporter Reflects on Llamas Love Making

HOLLAND, Mich. – A blooper on FOX 17 Morning News spawned a viral video after a reporter had a laughing attack.

During reporter Leigh Ann Towne’s live shot Wednesday, two llamas began mating behind her, forcing her to spend the next three minutes trying to fulfill her on air commitment in hysterics.

The video quickly became the number one story on and was shared on social media around the world.

This incident was just one of many bloopers this week on FOX 17 Morning News.


3 Comments to “VIDEO: Reporter Reflects on Llamas Love Making”

    tracy said:
    July 25, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    People may have an issue with her acting this way but lets be real.Even though news casters are professional they are human and sometimes humans cant help what happens I mean she was hacked on spit on the others animals.The other things with the Lamas well they are animals they dont care when and where they do their business.What is wrong with nature being nature ? Just like when people make a big deal about seeing a woman in bra and or panties!! but yet they go on the beaches wearing lees but also the same thing.This was so Funny it is good to see broadcasters being human.

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