Polls To Be More Efficient For August Primary

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — If you’re headed to the polls August 6 for the primary elections, you may notice a smoother process when checking in. New technology is going into more polling locations in an effort to cut down on long lines.

The clerk’s office in Grand Rapids is adding more electronic poll books this time around. For the first time, they will be used in all Third Ward precincts.

When voters arrive at their polling place, they will use a laptop to check in, explains┬áLaurie Parks, Grand Rapids city clerk. “After they fill out their application to vote, they’ll present their photo ID and we’ll be able to swipe their driver’s license or state ID, and their voter information will automatically come up.”

The clerk’s office has already mailed out the last of the absentee ballots over the weekend, but voters could still pick them up as late as 4 p.m. August 5.

The primaries are Tuesday, August 6.

Click here for a link to a ballot where you live.


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