Witness: “At Least 7 Shooters” at Latvian Hall Saturday Night

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-  Police have been called to Latvian Hall seven times this year, and one woman who was at a party there during Saturday night’s shooting describes it as “the wild wild west.”

“I didn’t want to get trapped in the building with multiple shooters,” the woman told us.  We’re concealing her identity for safety reasons.

She says security was very relaxed and they were letting whoever they wanted in without searching them.

The man who rented the hall for the night says there were four professional security guards at the party.

The witness we spoke with say the average age was 18-21-years-old. Police say the fights from Latvian Hall continued after partygoers left and resulted in 21-year-old Andre Davis being shot and killed.

“There were a lot of young kids I was worried about,” she told us. “I noticed a fight starting to break out so I kind of stepped back so I wouldn’t be trampled on and as soon as I took a step back, that’s when I saw the flash from the gunfire.”

The man who rented Latvian Hall says the party was private, but party fliers say tickets were available at the door.  Partygoers say they say people at the door taking cash.

Our witness says there were at least seven shooters inside the hall.  Police tell us the gunfire continued outside .

“Police were just as amazed as I was,” the witness said.  “I would assume once they saw police presence that it would die down.”

The party flier says “Callin’ All Bad Girls” but the man who rented the hall says the parties theme was to change and encourage growth in the community.

The Latvian Association of Grand Rapids owns the building and says they will be holding a board meeting to discuss having closer control of renters.

Anyone with information on the shootings at the hall or the murder of Andre Davis should call the Grand Rapids Police Department (616) 456-3604 or Silent Observer (616) 774-2345.

If you have any information about the string of shootings in Grand Rapids that you would like to pass along to FOX 17, fill it out the form below.

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  • They pay you?

    "Partygoers say they say people at the door taking cash."

    Say they say?
    You don't say…

    Some more fine reporting from Fox 17…

    • Keep It Real

      Easy to say. But all that would do is wreak it for other people how have the common sence not to allow trouble in. I have been to the hall nice as far as they go. The sad thing is the lack of care the people throwing the party had no security or safty set up just care of the money. Now we have people shot one young man dead and chicken shit coward people that wont point a finger at the ones that wreck it for all and kill with guns because they cant use there fists or minds to settle issues. Fair is one on one not many against one. May god be with the Davis family. And let this be the last young man to die by senseless violence.

  • DuckAndCover

    And the anti-gun lobby ignores these crimes and instead desires to restrict-ban-impede the civil rights of lawful gun owners…

    until the real problem is addressed things won't get any better-

  • Magma Caldera

    This story is very sad. However, the photos that are in the video of the newscast as well as the one embedded here on this page are from an unrelated show more than a week prior to the incident in the story. Sloppy if not completely irresponsible journalism.

  • Dante Cope

    I took the photo that is posted on this article and its from Friday August 16th. It's a totally different show with a totally different crowd.