West Michigan Couple Brought Back From SC Charged With Rape Of 1-Year-Old Girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The couple accused of raping a one-year-old girl on video in their Comstock Park apartment faced a judge in Kent County Tuesday.

Stevie Marie Foehl is charged with one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, child sexually abusive activity and using a computer to commit a crime.

Michael Justin Emory faces three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, one count of child sexually abusive activity and one count of using computers to commit a crime.

The judge said in court it’s estimated the rape took place on or around October, 25, 2012.

“We’re going to put a million dollar bond on each one of you,” said Judge Steven Servaas.

Neighbors said the couple had fled their Comstock Park apartment in the middle of the night after investigators began asking questions about Micheal Emory in a different case in Ottawa County.

Ottawa County detectives began looking into Michael Emory on that separate case in which he was accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl he contacted online.

After those allegations surfaced, the couple left town.

The FBI and Kent County detectives worked together with local authorities in South Carolina to find Emory and Foehl, arrest them and bring them back to Michigan.

The couple told the judge they’d been living in South Carolina with family members.

“Who did you live there with?,” asked Judge Servaas.

“My sister in law,” said Stevie Marie Foehl.

It was when investigators seized their computer for the other case in Ottawa County that detectives found video of both Emory and Foehl raping the one-year-old in Kent County.

Court documents say, “first Stevie Foehl is holding the camera while Michael Emory is sexually assaulting the girl multiple times.  Michael then holds the camera while Stevie sexually assaults the young girl.”

“The first count is oral vaginal penetration. The second digital vaginal penetration,” said Judge Servaas.

The judge set bond at a million dollars for each of the two and ordered no contact with the child should they be able to get out on bond.

“The authorities don’t know the name of that person at this particular point,” said Judge Servaas. “If you make the bond, you can’t have any contact with that infant.”

The first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

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  • peachy

    So lets see them both get life!!!! No deals for such low life. This is exactly why we need the death penalty!!! And it is totally unjust not to be able to put these two in front of a firing squad!

    • anonymous

      death is too easy…they deserve to suffer without their children they deserve what the prison population will have in store for them FOR LIFE!!! unfortunately this falls on our dime, however its worth it to know how they will be treated…the sad truth is they will likely be secluded my hope is the guards turn a cheek and let the inmates have at both of them EVERYDAY

  • Anonymous

    You mean to tell me that the parents of the 1 ur old BABY did not find anything wrong with the precious girl at the time it happened? They need to be charged as well. Clearly they never reported it or even til her for medical attention. There was VAGINAL PENITRATION. I am outraged!!

  • anonymous

    everyone is so quick to jump on the bandwagon with where were the parents, let me tell you from criminal law experience that penetration can be as little as the tip of a pencil eraser to full on penetration. There can be no physical evidence for a crime that, YES, is labeled and nothing but OUTRAGING. Imagine how the parents are feeling before you point fingers. We only know what the news reports and unfortunately we don't know the whole story. My prayers are with the family and their daughter at this time.


    We don't even need the death penalty. They need to be tortured and prodded with foreign objects on camera to see how it feels. This makes me want to vomit, I am utterly disgusted and want to cry. That little one year old was completely helpless and to sit and think of the cries and wanting to escape makes me SICK.

  • troy dell

    These sick motherfuckers shouldnt have ever made it to jail, shame on those police that didnt shoot these sick child molesting bitches on site, they dont deserve prison they deserve death…. child molesters and sex offenders alike are protected by this fuckhole system we call prison . Been there and seen it first hand and it makes me sick.. there is one air conditioned unit out of all the facilitys in mich and guess who is housed in it… fucking sex offenders…. fuckin bitches on