100 Homes to Come Down in Largest Residential Demolition in Grand Rapids History

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOME DEMOLITIONGRAND RAPIDS, Mich.— It’s out with the old and abandoned homes in Grand Rapids.

About 100 vacant and foreclosed homes are going to be knocked down around the city beginning Thursday, in what’s being called the largest residential demolition in Grand Rapids history.

The program is called “Fresh Start” and is aimed at cutting down the number of foreclosed homes and stabilizing neighborhoods. It’s part of a partnership between Governor Rick Snyder’s administration, the Michigan State Housing development Authority, the City of Grand Rapids and the Kent County Land Bank Authority.

Neighborhood leaders, fire and police personnel will be on hand for the start of the demolitions, which is set to begin around 11 a.m. Thursday, near the intersection of Franklin and Eastern Streets.

While knocking down about a 100 homes will make a dent, there are more than 78,000 vacant and abandoned homes in five of Michigan’s largest cities, which includes Grand Rapids.

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  • Thinking-upside-down

    Wow! Foreclosed homes even?

    Those homes could have provided shelter for those who were homeless or in need of a place to live- There should be a program in place that would allow people to obtain these homes if they kept up maintenance, Even that can be done with people who are unemployed! Just plowing these homes down just leaves empty land–costs more to raze them than to occupy them!

    Plus how can Rick Snyder plow down a foreclosed home? Doesn’t a bank own it? Furthermore, If they foreclosed on the home it obviously meant someone was in need enough to not make their payments- So why don’t these stinking financial institutions just let those individuals stay in their homes and chalk it up to dire need? The bank is going to write it off anyway! As long as the resident pays the taxes which is minimal compared to house payments and taxes! Since “re-purposing” seems to be the “in” thing to do these days, I guess Snyder likes waste and that makes Michigan “out!”

    • wastenotwhatnot

      i agree. city slickers are very good at wasting money. rick snyder doesnt even know what "work" is. all these idiots have no idea what it took to build those homes and how they could at least house the less fortunate. its pretty sad times. obviously there is a hidden motive here.

  • justine

    banks don't always own the home. they could be owned by the state or city FOR the taxes that you mention. and by the by, everyone wants the big bad banks to take it up the ass all the time, which I can understand if you have been personally screwed by them. but think of this the next time you need something from your financial institution, what pays for the person behind the counter or on the phone when your lazy ass wants to know your balance or what checks have cleared to give you that info?? (honestly every bank has an automated system you COULD use but are probably too lazy to listen thru to, and also a website or mobile app you could use to answer 99% of your questions) seriously, think the next time you walk in to your branch or speak to a csr on the phone for a problem you are having, what pays for that person to hold your hand? banks have to make a profit somehow just like any other business. granted, the higher up the chain you go the more stinky it can get. but really think about it. "The Banks" is more than the corrupt honchos on tv. It's other people just trying to make a living too that you are blasting.

  • bob

    On another note, $2,500,000 was spent to demolish 100 houses? or $25,000 per house? That's crazy! Heck, you could pay me $10,000 and I'll find 5 guys to help me tear it down over a weekend!