User Accusations Create Controversy on ‘Find Jessica Heeringa’ Page

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTON SHORES, Mich. — It’s been six months since Jessica Heeringa was abducted from a gas station in Norton Shores, and now the Facebook page created to raise awareness about her disappearance is heating up as accusations fly throughout the threads.

More than 21,000 people like the ‘Find Jessica Heeringa’ Facebook page.  Many of them come to the site from across the world to express their condolences to the family.

Recently, though, people are being accused of knowing more information about her disappearance than they’re coming forward with. Commenters, are telling specific people to come forward with what they know, usually by writing out their initials.

“I don’t want people accusing anybody of anything, and we aren’t accusing anyone.  We just want people to speak up and that’s all we ask for,” said Carrie Mitchell, the Find Jessica Heeringa Facebook page administrator. “Most of that does not come from us. Most of that comes from the general public: people that follow Jessica’s case. People that know what’s going on.

Chief Daniel Shaw with the Norton Shores Police Department has been leading the way on this case since Heeringa was abducted from the Exxon Mobil in Norton Shores in April.

“Be careful of jumping to conclusions,” Shaw said. “That’s what I’ve said from the start. We follow the evidence. We don’t jump to conclusions because then we go off on the wrong track and then innocent people can get hurt.”

But, that’s not the chief’s only concern.

“It’s causing some difficulties for our investigators because they’ll get tips that are based on the rumors we have to follow up on them.”

The family has created a petition to move Jessica’s case from the NSPD into the hands of Michigan State Police. Shaw said their department has been working with MSP from the beginning and are still investigating the case on a daily basis.

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  • LeAnne

    Andrea, someone who uses your computer is obviously 'viewing' such pictures. My page does not show anyone half naked, just an fyi. In regards to the above article, the fb page of Jessica is getting out of control. On a daily basis you can read cat fights between women constantly. All the bickering, pointing of fingers and such is completely taking over and I for one have lost interest in even following the page because of it. So instead of trying to get the word out there that this poor girl is still missing I find myself not even looking at the page because of all the nonsense.

  • Karl

    The Help Find Jessica page is disgusting, I think that's the page you are referring to LeAnne? I go on the page and there is a person yelling at a grown man for saying Hello on the page. This so called group of people who are trying to help find Jessica are shooting themselves in the foot by the constant bickering. I think the administrator needs to shut a few of them down starting with Sara, she is obnoxiously rude. I pray they find this young lady.

    • karlene

      sorry you feel this way Karl but let me just say this here i am one of the admins on the Help Find Jessica Heeringa Group and if you have a problem why are you not taking this up with one of us ?? im guessing you also like to Bash others being this is what you are doing right here .. being the pot calling the kettle black sorry yes im calling it like i see it . also there is yes drama that once in a while sparks on Both the Help find Jessica Heeringa & Find Jessica Heeringa Page but once the admins see it they are warned and if it happens again they are removed but remember if you are in fact in favor of Finding Jessica then you would not let others bring you down or keep you away from updates and sending prayers

      • Karl

        You just confirmed what I said above. I have read comments where people have been bashed for making the same comments I have made. If it makes you feel better go ahead and make a few more rude comments to me. I for one have better things to do with my time then filter through post after post of a bunch of catty women complaining about one thing or another. Don't get me wrong, I do hope for the sake of her family and son she is found. One last note, you state the administrator will warn someone if they are being rude and then they are removed. We ALL know that's not true. I'm not trying to cause a fight either, just pointing out the fact that some of your posters are doing more harm then good.

        • karlene

          and you just confirmed what i said .. your here to bash just like you claim others are in the group you are doing no better then the people your talking about that is my point and yes i will send a pm to someone if they are out of control and ask them to stop sorry im not going to jump or act like a mother jumping someone in front of others .. just as if you would be using your real name in here like i am i would be talking to you in a PM and not on a open form .. so why not pm me and tell me what your concerns are and who they are with ?

          • Trusting

            Help Find Jessica Heeringa as well as the Find Jessica Heeringa are Both Wonderful pages some may not like whats being said then maybe they should not in them groups always giving off negative energy does not help with the mission im proud to be part of Team Jessica

          • kenr


          • MIKE


  • Lisa

    I believe that this has not went and further then day one is because they are not making these girls and a few others take a lie detector test. If N.S.P.D would wake up and give these witness`s a test then a lot of the pointing fingers would stop. I don`t understand why this has not been done yet. Open your eye`s please she wasn't sitting in the parking lot for nothing. Did she want to see Jess get beat up but it went to far and now she`s stuck and don`t know what to say ???? I am not a detective but it all adds up. Please N.S.P do some thing about this and question will be answered. Thank-You and God Bless

  • Conne

    From my standpoint , Both of the pages are fine. I am a member of both groups. A lot of us are so tired, and upset at this point, that YES we are Highly upset. The NSPD very little if anything more to the family. There are people that were supposedly 'witness'es' and we want Answers!! We are TICKED! Supposedly some of these "witness'es have not even given a lie detector test nor fully questioned on the investigation from my understanding. The NSPD didn't follow the proper procedures from the onset of Jessica's case. We the community I truly believe have SEARCHED just as much as the NSPD have putting Our Lives into Danger because there are no UPDATES from them. Nothing. Well we can't stand back and do NOTHING any longer. WE will continue to SEARCH FO JESSICA. She has won our Hearts and you bet we are MAD. And no offense against Mr. Shaw but it appears to me as if he is "Smirking" on every broadcast I've seen him in concerning this Case. He just doesn't look very interested. But they have had plenty of time to re-question these WITNESS'ES and have done NOTHING. ONE MISSION FIND JESSICA. I can't even imagine how anyone would feel if it was their daughter and what she is going through, right now this minute! We want the NSPD, MSP, PI's , FBI and everything or anyone out there to Find Jessica. I don't even know Jessica but damn if I will SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR THE NSPD.!

  • kelly

    I have not been on the page much because of drama, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about Jessica and praying for her and her family. What pisses me off about this article is how Shaw seems to act like he doesn’t have time to be bothered with possible leads. A lead is a lead, its something better then the nothing I see going on. Does this mean you actually have to get up from your desk and do your job??? What innocent people getting hurt??? If their innocent…prove it! I for one would have no problems answering questions, taking our detector tests or what have a you, anything to help bring Jessica home. And anyone that would he against it obviously has something to hide. All I can ever think about is that poor lil boy and all he wants is his momma home, breaks my heart!!!

    • Trusting in God

      well said there is going to be drama everywhere when the stress levels are high keeping the faith and praying for answers is all we can do . shaw sits behind a desk and does nothing but give his little speech's with a smile on his face i call it bull . why cant he just admit they have no clue where to turn and ask for help from higher departments . he needs to swallow his pride this is not about him . this is about helping this young lady and her family .

  • Kindra

    I am a member of both pages, and will continue to be until Jessica is brought home. If there is something posted there you don’t like, you don’t have to comment on it or participate in the thread. These pages were made to keep Jessica’s face in the public, to keep people looking for her, to keep people talking, and keep her fresh in all of our minds, because let’s be honest here, if we had to depend solely on the NSPD or Media, Jessica would have been forgotten about already. I know I speak for quite a few of us when I say, we are not going anywhere, and will continue to do whatever is possible to keep Jessica’s face out there until the answers are found that bring her home to her family. There are many that feel the NSPD could have done many things differently, and need to hand the case over to MSP, there are many people that feel that there are people who know more than they are telling…..I know this, we are never going to stop until Jessica is home, whatever it takes, ONE MISSION!!!!
    P.S. Chief Shaw needs to take some Public Relations classes to learn how to control his smirking while on camera…….

  • pibillwarner

    17 Look-A-Like Petite Blond Females Listed as Missing, Kidnapped or Murdered and Cops Have No Answers for 17 Look-A-Like Petite Blond Females Listed as Missing, Kidnapped or Murdered and Cops Have No Answers for Parents of Jessica, Heather, Kelli, Paige, Holly, Lauren, and 11 Others.Parents of Jessica, Heather, Kelli, Paige, Holly, Lauren, and 11 Others. see

  • anonymous

    Wow.. The Help Find Jessica Page is the one I follow because in my opinion is a little better monitored and a closer knit group. But both groups are there for support and to hash and rehash clues and things that maybe will bring up that one thing that might trigger the clues needed to bring Jessica home. I am not sure how either page would interfere with the investigation as we do not bother them we converse amongst ourselves on the site. If you have a problem with either page the answer is simple…leave and don’t follow it anymore..If you choose to stay it’s your choice but then you have no room to complain as no one is made to stay. This news coverage was a waste really other than keeping Jessica in the news. And for those who want to bash Karlene because of her site..maybe it’s time you leave our page as you are the one starting and most likely on her page.

    • anonymous

      Its not Karlene's page its her daughter Kayla's page just to be clear on that and i give thanks for karlene to come in and help her daughter in the group. As we all know that handling a group for a missing person it can be very difficult at time and i do agree with you it is better monitored as well as closer knit and both the Help find Jessica Heeringa and Find Jessica Heeringa groups are there for support and to find more clues on this case i will oways follow The help find Jessica Heeringa page and the Find Jessica heeringa page.

  • One Mission Always

    Anyone wanting to Bash karlene is heartless . that lady has went way out of her way to help find jessica and i have seen this first hand and we all know the truth about her effort and she should not worry about trashy people whom do nothing but sit at a computer and talk crap and about the groups / pages they are both a wonderful source of information and a way to support the family and friends for this missing person . One Mission <3

  • Butterbunz

    It's bad enough that these people have filled up the FB pages( that are supposed to be dedicated to finding Jessica) with juvenile arguments, now you've taken them to Fox 17's website as well. End the arguments and start doing some fund raisers to pay for a top notch PI.

    • One Mission Always

      Thank you Butterbunz —— your right it is juvenile arguments, and it should stop and the Team Jessica Groups have been doing just this for a PI to work around the clock in getting the information needed to help bring jessica home i watched the ride for Jessica Event and it was amazing i saw the Dedication that went into that event . They are doing what they can to help its a shame not everyone can understand that <3 one Mission

    • teresa

      obviously butterbunz you don't know that the people who run the pages are volunteers who did not know the family before this happened and they ARE the ones who do the fund raisers. It's sad that some can't understand the passion and caring that these people have put into this, they know more about this than the average lay person.also family members are administrators of the pages as well.
      Ask yourself how would you feel if this were your daughter, sister, best friend? how would you feel if the police never contacted you (her parent) on what they are doing, nor update you on anything in the case? How would you feel if you have to find out info on the TV news or online?? how would you feel if you had to miss your child every day wondering what is happening to her 24 7 ???? how would you feel if you knew that the NSPD did not vet the witness or the boss of the station properly because they know them personally? this incident was not investigated properly from the beginning … yes maybe because NSPD is a small town PD and never had to deal with anything like this before BUT they need to let it go to the MSP so maybe news eyes can find something that they have overlooked instead of whining to news about it


    I couldn't agree with you more Butterbunz, both sites are ridiculous in their accusations, and polygraph this person, haul that person in, and the way initials are thrown around is stupid. It's like you have to be a part of some secret cult to understand ANYTHING that goes on! Than when you ask or say something they attack you like you're an idiot, or just ignore you because you aren't part of the original members. Don't dare say anything against the "regulars", you'll be jumped on like hot crap!! let the attacking begin….. NOW……

  • Kayla Lade-Bradford

    First off I'm the one who created the Help Find Jessica Heeringa Group We have a set of rules that come with joining our Group so i Dont know where your coming off saying that new people get jumped when they come in all we want is the truth and find out where Jessica is i think this whole news article was the biggest joke they could of ever ran… and yes i agree that there is drama everywhere just not in the page it could be like going to a store and hear it and just walking away but you sit there and keep the drama coming when is this going to stop we are all here for Jessica its not about you or me its about bring her home to her family so what if someone say something you don't like just leave it alone that's all i have too say about that…..Oh before i for get why is people coming on here under fake names and not there real names that's showing me that you have something to hide as well i have been nothing but nice to everyone in the groups and to sit here and hear all this is just plain wrong sorry

  • AnnieFritz

    I agree Kayla a lot of the people complaining on here are using FAKE names… That speaks real loud!!!!! You know I believe in the old saying…. If you can't stand the heat get the hell out of the kitchen. Those that are new coming in to the groups and say people jump all over them for asking what is happening or going on!!! Well if you feel they are which they are not, All you have to do is READ. I am a member of both pages and i will tell you this much Kala n Karlene they have a heart of gold. as well as Carrie does on her page, It's been said if you don't like what you read, fine skip over it don't read it nor comment on it that simple !!!!!

  • Teresa

    comment from the JH facebook page
    ((QUOTE:Of Course…. They would like us to go away. I'm sure they'd like this whole case to just go away!
    They are no closer than day 1 …. How is bringing Jessica's case to the World hindering his investigation?
    What I do know is there are tips that go cold because they aren't checked out! Last week, a tip was sent
    to NSPD.
    When called and asked about it … response was "what picture"? They will not hand this investigation over
    to the MSP because they've had it since day 1…..
    Day 1…. Why wasn't the gas station finger printed? Jessica was a clean freak! Prints could've been
    found on the door jams! Why wasn't the gas station closed down? There was blood found on the property,
    so why did it take 3 days to change this case from a missing persons to Abduction?

    We won't go away! We will stay forever vigilant on Jessica's behalf until we bring her home! ))

    and I agree wholeheartedly …. also have heard that Silent observer does NOT turn over all tips that are turned
    into them …. WHY??? This case has not made sense from day one and now they want us to let up on them?
    Would you if it were your daughter? your sister? your friend??

  • FlorasSecret

    I'm not from the area, but I happen to know that a rapist from the east coast (Orwigsburg, PA) was stalking a former victim in South Dakota 3 days before the abduction. That's about a 2 day comfortable drive from where she was abducted, so I figure the 3rd day was him scouting for victims, if it was him. That particular rapist involves a lot of other people in his crimes, usually 4 people because that's how many can fit into a vehicle with the victim, although vans could fit more which may be why a van was used. They also like to cross state lines and jurisdiction lines as a way to evade arrest, and he's friends with one of the men suspected in the Morgan Harrington murder in Virginia. In fact, the reason I found out about the Heeringa abduction was by following the page of a P.I. who feels that a lot of young blonde ladies' abductions cross-country are related.

    The other person who I've *heard* (remember I'm not from MI) looks like the sketch is a local cab driver who drives a van like the one seen. However I'd caution people about assuming someone without a past history of rape could suddenly be involved in a violent crime. Obviously the first arrest probably isn't the first time they've done it, but you have someone with that exact criminal history (although free because police never take him seriously) who had to pass a couple of hours to the south to go home, right around the time she was abducted, and then you have a local person who sort of looks like that but so far I haven't heard anyone come forward to say he'd been accused of rape before or whatever. I vote for the Pennsylvania gang rapist, but if locals know something more and it matches the sketch, go to it!

    By the way, don't think that the state police or even FBI are going to make a difference. At least one of the guys who abducted and murdered Morgan Harrington has a 20+ year history of violent crimes against women, and he's not in jail yet, is he? That's despite the Virginia State Police and FBI being involved in that case. I think they get away with it because some of their accomplices are in law enforcement or have aided them as informants in the past. Which is outrageous and whoever's giving them a free pass should be fired, but so far that's what I've seen.