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Comstock Park Teen Missing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Arissa Vandyke

UPDATE: Click here

COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. — Fourteen-year-old Arissa Vandyke hasn’t been seen by family members for a week.

Police said Friday that they are actively looking for the Comstock Park teen.  Her family says she left home Friday, Nov. 22 and was expected to return the next day but never did.

Anyone with information on Arissa’s whereabouts is asked to contact Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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  • kellie hoogewind

    This is so awful! It is sad but true that this beautiful girl has a very unhealthy family life all the way around! Sad to see the states awful system giving these children back to their parents after getting taken away. These children deserve so much more than the card they were dealt. I pray she is found!! Love you rah rah!!

  • CommonSense

    Sounds like a run-away with bad habits. why call in the dogs?
    A matter that need to be dealt with at home-take responsibility?!?

  • Hopeful

    you guys dont know the whole story. The main focus is to get her home safe. Stop assuming and please just share so that she may be found safe.

  • me

    Shit if I had a mom like hers I’d runaway too! Idk why all this news coverage when clearly she is jus a runaway…she has been having contact with her mom…CTFU! SEX TRAFFICKING?? I highly doubt that she’s jus out here bein young,dumb,full of cum & a product of pathetic parenting! I think the news could be covering something more important then a fucked up individual & her runaway daughter

  • jennifer

    Everyone just needs to shut there mouths aint nobody on here no what they talking about we have a teen who is missing and all eveyone wants to is talk about shes this her life is that her mom yatatata unless you kniw something keep you negitive thoughts to yourself arissas mom and i have been looking everyday day in and day out no sleep No food so go on with yourself and find someone else to harass thank you….

    • CommonSense


      Have you ever attended an English Class or maybe a class in proper sentence structure?
      Mommy Dearest needs to step up and take responsibility and this little 14 year old girl needs stay off
      from social media and seek professional psychological help!

      • kdude

        CommonSense that statement alone is enough to let us all have a very good idea what kind of education that poor child has grown up with, very sad!!

  • Alisha

    She has been found and is in Juvy for running away. Dont bash a mother when she is hurting and missing her daughter btw… thats why our country is so fucked up…people like that.

    • kdude

      Her mother having a baby when she is too stupid to raise one is the problem with this country not the people bashing you for being stupid.

  • CommonSense

    Your last statement, plain crazy….problem is babies having babies. Just because humans can procreate, doesn't mean they should…..