The Dangers Of Snow Covered Roofs

KENTWOOD, Mich. – The accumulating snow on roofs is adding a lot of weight that according to the experts can be one of the worst things when it comes to damaging your home.

The roofers at All in One Builder, based out of Marne, took advantage of a snow-less day to make some progress on an ongoing project.

Cody Reimer took a shovel with him as he ascended up the ladder getting back to work. “We’re like the mailman,” he said.  “Rain, sleet or snow, you can throw us into any predicament, and we will overcome it.”

Reimer and his two co-workers said that unless it’s a blizzard, they’re on the job.

Three to four inches of snow on the roof has its own challenges. “First you have to sweep up all the snow, which is a painstaking process,” said Reimer.  “You’ve got to go up there and nail in your jacks, and shimmy down, and put a board down, and then you have to sweep up all the snow.”

The roofing job at a home in Kentwood was a scheduled gig, but the crew admitted that this time of year they get a lot emergency calls.

Thawing and freezing ice and snow can wreak havoc on a roof, creating a wedge between the shingles. This loosens the shingles and causes leaks and headaches for home owners. “Sometimes we have to tear the plywood out and put new plywood in,” Reimer said.  “Sometimes you don’t take that into consideration when you make a bid on the house.”

That could mean unplanned costs for the homeowner.


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