White Cloud Purse Snatching Couple Arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ansley crossWHITE CLOUD, Mich. —  A white Cloud couple is now in police custody after Detectives from the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office executed Felony Arrest Warrants on the couple at their residence near Hardy Dam.

46-year-old Donald Ansley and 37-year-old Joleen Cross  were taken into custody without incident.  The arrests stem from an investigation into a purse snatching inside the Big Rapids Meijer Store on Black Friday which also involved the theft and use of stolen credit card, and an attempted purse snatching at the Big Rapids Wal-Mart on December 5.

The couple is also being charged on a later date on Felony charges in Newaygo County for a purse snatching at the Fremont Wal-Mart on Novemebr 30

Surveillance video of Cross, who is currently a State of Michigan Disability/Welfare recipient, running from the crime scene, has been turned over to the Welfare Fraud Division of DHS for review for possible welfare/disability fraud charges.

Ansley and Cross were both arraigned in the 77th District Court on 6 Felony Larceny Charges each.  They both remain in custody in the Mecosta County Jail with each having a $50,000 bond.  They are both scheduled to be back in court on December 17 at 9 a.m.

Anyone with information reference these cases or any similar incidents are requested to contact Det. Sgt. Nemeth at the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office.



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      • SlammerHammer

        Not harsh enough. If she is claiming she is "disabled" she is committing fraud. Kind of hard to be disabled if you are plotting purse snatching, grabbing the purses, and running. If she can do that she can work. If there are minors they will be either given to the father or to the state in which they will be placed in a foster home.

        • Esco

          In this case here yes and cases with no children involved (excluding handicapped), yes- take it away. But if you look at the top comment (tc1) the negative effects of taking welfare from children isn't addressed. Just like in your comment 'dead beat dads' may be involved and they might not be able to be found. At least you brought up foster care which is still a form of welfare due to it's taxpayer involvement.
          But if you're just some scammer or lazy lump bleeding the system with fraud and laziness then you should be removed from it. In this case here I'd throw the book at them and remove them from the government teet.