Celebration Cinema North, Other Businesses Lose Power To Ice Storm

KENT County, Mich. — Almost every business at Knapp’s Corner remain closed on Sunday because of Saturday’s ice storm.

The storm couldn’t come at a worse time, especially for Celebration Cinema North. With kids out of school and home for the holidays, lots of people go to the theatre this time of year. However, the movies weren’t an option at Knapp’s Corner.

“We can’t show any movies at this point. We just have partial power,” Mike Doty, Celebration Cinema North’s general manager said.

In the 8 years Doty has been at the theatre, he’s only seen the power go out once, and that was just for a few hours.

“It hurts. This is a big day for us. Really, gift card sales is a big day as well. But the weather this whole weekend has slowed down business somewhat,” he explained.

The parking lot sat empty for the whole complex. There were just a few workers on site. They delivered the bad news to the thousands of movie-goers before the customers got out of their vehicles.

“Just a little bummer,” Brie Lakanen, a movie-goer said.

“We’re really looking forward to going to see a movie,” she added.

However, Lakanen and her friends were still determined to catch American Hustle elsewhere.

“We have been sending a lot of our guests over to Woodland, River Town and South,” Doty explained.

Celebration may have lost its ability to provide entertainment for the day. But Coldstone, Jimmy Johns, Buffalo Wild Wings, and other eateries tried not to lose food because of the ice storm.
Their fate relies on Consumers Energy restoring power.

“They’re hopeful soon, but it could still be a couple days. Worst case scenario, but they’re hopeful it could be some time tomorrow,” Doty said of Consumers Energy.

Refunds for advanced tickets are available, Doty said.


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