One of the Many Faces of Ice Storm 2013

little boy christmas signBARRY COUNTY, Mich. – The picture of a child holding a sign pleading for power was posted to the FOX 17 Facebook page Christmas Eve.

Tiphany Nishelle of Hastings posted the picture Tuesday afternoon.  It reads, “We need lights!  Santa’s coming!”

The family lives in Barry County, the hardest hit area of West Michigan which received the highest number of outages following last weekend’s ice storm.  In that county still alone there are still nearly 15,000 Consumers Energy customers without power.

More than 170,000 customers are without power across Michigan.

At 4pm, Consumers Energy will hold a news conference regarding the massive outage.  We will live tweet the new information on the FOX 17 Twitter account.


1 Comment to “One of the Many Faces of Ice Storm 2013”

    real said:
    December 24, 2013 at 8:34 PM

    Give me a break no power but you can still post on facebook. Take some time and stop complaining and do something as a family instead of bitching your not funny or getting a point across its not the power companies fault we had ice and things take awhile they are missing there families too some because lazy homeowners dont take care of there property so get off your high horse and be patient and remember things like this never happen at the right time. Merry Christmas.

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