Police: 3rd Grader Stabs Douglas Elementary Principal in Nose With Pencil

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

File photo from Saugatuck city website

DOUGLAS, Mich. — A third-grader at Douglas Elementary school stabbed the principal in the nose with a pencil and bit her while trying to run away from class Wednesday.

According to Saugatuck-Douglas police, the incident happened at around 12:45 p.m.

The male student attempted to flee his class.  Michaelle Gust, the principal, attempted to prevent him from running away and police said he stabbed her with the pencil and bit her on the arm.

He was contained and later released to a relative.  Police said the student has had behavior issues in the past and it was unclear what other actions are being taken against him.

The principal did not suffer any major injuries, according to police.

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  • Cindy

    Dale, how sad that you have already written this little guy off. This little boy may be that angry for a reason. Something in his life is making him very angry or there are other issues involved that may have caused him to react like he did. Maybe since you are so quick to write him off, you should get into the schools and mentor a student who needs someone in his life!

  • Guest

    Cindy-the problem is that those of us in classrooms put ourselves in a potentially liable situation if we restrain a child but put the other students, and students like this one, in danger if we take a "hands off" approach. I have been bitten and stabbed numerous times in the past. No sympathy ever goes to the staff involved. They are always questioned as to why they can't control a small child or it seems to be turned around on them for doing something to cause the outburst. It is amazing how strong an angry child can be and teachers and other school workers seem to have no protection from being put in these situations.

    • jamie

      It's your job to teach the child regardless. If the school was aware of the behavior issues, they should have discussed ways to address those issues. Whether it be calling in a social worker, therapist, counselor, etc. And setting up some sort of action plan with the teachers and parents in case of an outburst. Sympathy? For what? Not having every child in the classroom be the "easy" student?That's just ridiculous. But I'll give you sympathy for the school's not having enough funding to properly hire or outsource what thit child needs.

  • Guest Teacher

    Wow Jamie – you are clueless as to what really happens at a school and the legal responsibilities we have that tie our hands. Thank you for telling us our job.