West Michigan Getting Hit With 2 Different Large-Scale Phone Scams

Life Alert Scam

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WEST MICHIGAN — The Better Business Bureau is warning of two recent large-scale phone scams that have targeted residents of West Michigan.

The first involves tricking people into redialing an international number and then charging them.  The numbers begin with area codes 473 (Grenada) or 767 (Dominica).

Callers apparently let the phone ring once then hang up, hoping the victims will call back.

“While the phone numbers appear to be in the United States, the number dialed is actually an international number with a share of the revenue going to the operator of the number,” a release from BBB said. “Consumers are tricked into dialing these international phone numbers, which results in substantial long-distance charges.”

Consumers are advised not to call back a number if the caller doesn’t leave a message, especially with those area codes.

The second scam involves someone posing as a computer repair person.  They call and say they have information that your computer is not working correctly.  They eventually advise you to let them take control of your computer through the internet so they can “fix the problem.”

If you all this, they can install malware, which allows them to hack your computer to learn passwords, steal your computer identity, access personal and financial accounts and more.

According to the BBB, the most recent fake company doing this scam in West Michigan is “PC Speedy,” though these types of companies change names frequently.

The BBB is advising people to never give control of your computer to a stranger on the internet or over the phone.

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  • theyalmostgotme

    i had an unknown number call my phone and when i tried to call back it said "grenada". fortunately my cell phone isnt able to make such long distance calls. i realize now after reading this story that i shouldnt have even tried to call an unknown number back but because it didnt go through is it a win win?

  • guest

    I had the Indian sounding guys call me trying to tell me that something was wrong with my computer. And wanted me to look something up on my computer. I told him I repair computers for a business and there is nothing wrong with my computers and hung up on them. I can see how a person unfamiliar with computers or an older person could fall for this scam because he was so convincing. I told my elderly parents about it and told them to never do anything with their computer over the phone with a person calling them. Make sure to get the word out to people that are non computer technical and elderly to make sure they don't get scammed.

  • Robin

    Got one last week from "Dominica" and my husband actually got the same call shortly after I did. I googled the number and discovered this scam.

    Today, I got one from a 268 area code and it said "Antigua/Barbuda".