Sparta Dad Sentenced For Abusing Son, Mom Says Infant Has Recovered

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT COUNTY, Mich. (Feb. 4, 2014) — The Sparta man accused of breaking the bones of his infant son in late June of 2013 will serve three and a half to 10 years in prison for injuring the young boy.

David Steiger heard his sentence in Kent County court Tuesday.

His now ex-wife, Chelsi Knop, said she was devastated when the injuries were discovered on her then 3-week-old son after she took him to the hospital in June, 2013 when he wouldn’t stop crying.

Because doctor’s and police didn’t yet know that David Steiger was the person who caused the injuries, she was not allowed to see her boy.

“I did not do anything wrong and yet I was not allowed to see my son,” said Knop. “I held onto Jaxon and cried for his pain and he had a seizure in my arms caused by all of his pain.  A flood of doctors rushed into the room, I`m not sure what they were doing.”

“The physical pain that Jaxon was in was unfathomable,” said Knop. “With 25 broken bones, the pain was written all over his body. Jaxon was admitted to the Helon DeVos Children`s hospital where he was given morphine for the pain,” said Knope.

In July of 2013, David Steiger talked to FOX 17 from jail, saying the situation was an accident.

“I wish that I could take everything back,” said Steiger. “If I was responsible, I didn`t mean it. When you change his diaper, he crosses his legs up and I was kind of pushing down his legs down to put his diaper on…and I thought it was like me popping my finger, but I guess it wasn`t. His leg just popped.”

Knop said in court that she wanted David to accept a plea so he would not be able to convince a jury that he did nothing wrong.

She did say she hoped that he would receive some sort of treatment behind bars.

“I do believe David was not well when he hurt Jaxon and I would like to see him receive mental health help while he is serving his time in prison,” said Knop.

Knop said the baby is back safely in her care and is now thriving with physical therapy and the love from her and her family.

She said she was told that he might not be able to crawl, but now he is so strong, he is pulling himself up and is a happy, healthy baby.

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