Cat Reunited With Owner After Missing For More Than a Year

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (Feb. 16, 2014)-It may sound hard to believe but it’s true, a cat reunited with its family after it had gone missing more than a year ago.

The cat’s owner and a local rescue group say it was all possible due to a microchip. Melissa Neitzka, Abby’s owner, says they had her since she was a kitten but she left 14 months ago.

“We had three foster kids at the time and we felt like maybe she (Abby) thought it was too much for her,” said Neitzka.

But just last month Abby showed up on a caregiver for Carols Ferals’ back porch.

Trish (the caregiver) caught the cat and brought her in realizing she was actually friendly, she didn’t have to trap her,” said Carol Manos.

That’s when the team checked for a microchip and they got a hit. After a little leg work and a few calls they got a hold of Melissa, who was nearly in tears when she heard the news.

“I asked for Melissa and I’m like ‘Hey by any chance have you lost a cat?’ and she’s like ‘Yeah over a year ago!’  You could hear her getting choked up,” said Manos.

 Manos says out of the 7,200 cats they have taken in over the past eight years only a couple have been micro chipped.


  • Betterhave

    Micro Chipping more than doubles the chance of finding a lost pet. Collars and Tags frequently go missing when an animal is at large and are the first thing to go missing if the pet was stolen. Plenty of places sponsor low cost microchipping. If it would break your heart to lose your beloved pet, please get them chipped and keep the chip registered and your information with the service updated.

  • Carolyn

    And, I can't stress this enough, microchip EVEN IF YOU HAVE AN INSIDE CAT (which it should be anyway!) It's inexpensive, it's easy and painless, and it's a positive ID for your pet! "My cat will never get out or lost!" Don't think it won't happen to your cat – NEVER say never! Think of it as insurance for your kitty! If you love your pet, you will chip them! <3

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