LIVE BLOG: Thursday Weather & Related Problems

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WEST MICHIGAN (Feb. 20, 2014) — A wide variety of weather will affect West Michigan from Thursday morning into Friday.  Some of the primary concerns include:

  • A mix of snow & freezing rain early, causing some slick road conditions
  • Heavy rain & snowmelt contributing to localized flooding issues, especially where drainage is poor
  • Isolated thunderstorms, mainly south of I-96
  • Rain increasing the weight of snow on roofs, risking possible damage or collapse
  • Wind gusts of 40-50+ miles per hour Thursday night and Friday, creating the chance of power outages
  • Cold air returning Thursday night, freezing up wet or slushy roads

FOX 17 Meteorologist Jon Shaner & traffic reporter Robb Westaby will be posting updates throughout the morning on the live blog below.   For more on the forecast, including interactive radar, check out the Weather page.

agillfillan February 20, 201412:31 PM

Wayland Public Schools will release students 15 minutes early today due to the weather.

FOX 17 February 20, 201412:18 PM

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Jon Shaner February 20, 201411:39 AM

There seems to be a general opinion that we didn’t forecast snow as part of this morning’s weather.  This image is from FOX 17 Morning News on Wednesday:

Robb Westaby February 20, 201411:31 AM
Robb Westaby February 20, 201411:16 AM

From our Facebook page, viewer Birdie Wester Hollie post this photo of her family’s deck, collapsed from wet snow in Saugatuck.

Robb Westaby February 20, 201411:13 AM

A pole barn with horses inside has collapsed: Click Here.

Jon Shaner February 20, 201411:03 AM

First band moving out/letting up in many spots… snow changing to rain around Kalamazoo & Battle Creek.  11AM update:

CITY           SKY/WX    TMP DP  RH WIND       PRES   REMARKS  
BATTLE CREEK   LGT RAIN  34  30  85 E17G25    29.74F FOG     WCI  23    
BENTON HARBOR  CLOUDY    35  34  96 SE14G24   29.65F FOG     WCI  26    
BIG RAPIDS     CLOUDY    37  30  75 E10       29.79F WCI  30            
COLDWATER      LGT SNOW  33  32  96 E20G25    29.74F WCI  22            
FREMONT        FLURRIES  35  31  85 E13G22    29.77F WCI  27            
HOLLAND        CLOUDY    35  32  88 E25       29.71F WCI  23            
GRAND RAPIDS   LGT SNOW  34  33  96 E26G33    29.75F FOG     WCI  21    
IONIA          LGT SNOW  33  32  96 E20G26    29.80F VSB 3/4 WCI  21    
KALAMAZOO      LGT RAIN  35  32  88 E15G23    29.72F FOG     WCI  25    
LUDINGTON      RAIN      37  34  90 E14       29.77F WCI  28            
MARSHALL       LGT SNOW  32  31  94 E13G20    29.75F WCI  22            
MOUNT PLEASANT CLOUDY    36  27  72 E9        29.84F WCI  29            
MUSKEGON       LGT SNOW  36  30  79 E16G24    29.74F WCI  26            
SOUTH HAVEN    CLOUDY    35  33  90 E16G28    29.67F WCI  26            
Robb Westaby February 20, 201410:57 AM

FOX 17 viewer Joe Barney posted a video on our Facebook page with thundersnow in southwest Michigan. This link should take you to the moment in the video when the thunder begins: Click here.

Jon Shaner February 20, 201410:41 AM

Already a couple of minor power outages reported around metro Grand Rapids.  Likely to see more as winds continue to pick up later today and tonight. 

Jon Shaner February 20, 201410:32 AM
Annalise Kransz February 20, 201410:13 AM

SCHOOL CLOSING: Head Start-Montcalm County. Tri county only no P.M. class

Jon Shaner February 20, 201410:01 AM

10AM reports: 

BATTLE CREEK   HVY SNOW  33  30  88 E13G18    29.80F VSB 1/4 WCI  24    
BENTON HARBOR  LGT RAIN  34  32  92 E18       29.69F FOG     WCI  23    
BIG RAPIDS     CLOUDY    37  31  80 SE16G23   29.82F WCI  27            
COLDWATER      LGT SNOW  34  32  93 SE12      29.81R WCI  25            
FREMONT        CLOUDY    36  32  84 E9G16     29.80F WCI  29            
HOLLAND        LGT RAIN  34  32  92 E18G26    29.76F FOG     WCI  23    
GRAND RAPIDS   LGT SNOW  37  31  78 SE28      29.82F WCI  25            
IONIA          LGT SNOW  34  29  81 SE16G25   29.85F WCI  24            
KALAMAZOO      RAIN      34  31  88 E15G23    29.78F FOG     WCI  24    
LUDINGTON      LGT RAIN  35  33  91 SE10      29.82F WCI  28            
MARSHALL       SNOW      32  30  94 E8        29.82F VSB 1/2 WCI  24    
MOUNT PLEASANT CLOUDY    34  32  92 CALM      29.89F FOG                
MUSKEGON       LGT RAIN  37  29  72 E12       29.79F WCI  29            
SOUTH HAVEN    LGT SNOW  35  32  90 SE18G26   29.71F WCI  24            
Jon Shaner February 20, 20149:45 AM
Jon Shaner February 20, 20149:22 AM

Battle Creek went from a sleet/rain mix with thunder to heavy, wet snow in the span of 10-15 minutes. This is crazy.

Jon Shaner February 20, 20148:52 AM

Big snowflakes falling, from Ava in Otsego: 

Jon Shaner February 20, 20148:49 AM

Analysis from the NWS office in Grand Rapids: “Definitely seeing a trend that precipitation may start quickly as rain/freezing rain, but change over to very wet snow -seems like it is occurring pretty quickly… Still not completely out of the threat for some freezing rain.”

Jon Shaner February 20, 20148:37 AM

Here’s a good refresher on the difference between different precipitation types:

Jon Shaner February 20, 20148:22 AM

Sleet & freezing rain reported by Todd in Coldwater.

Robb Westaby February 20, 20148:21 AM
Jon Shaner February 20, 20148:10 AM

Thunder reported by Joanie in Schoolcraft.

Jon Shaner February 20, 20147:58 AM

Expect the possibility of an icy glaze on any surface where rain is falling.

Jon Shaner February 20, 20147:40 AM
Jon Shaner February 20, 20147:22 AM

Don’t forget, we always appreciate your reports.  Tweet @JonShaner or @FOX17Traffic, or post on the FOX 17 Facebook page.

Jon Shaner February 20, 20146:49 AM

Rain picking up in the SW corner of the state, still a chance it may mix w/ freezing rain as it spreads northward.

Robb Westaby February 20, 20146:28 AM
Jon Shaner February 20, 20146:21 AM

Good morning! Jon here. A busy morning, but will post as much as possible.  Don’t forget we’re streaming the show live until 9AM.

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