New Clue In Teleka’s Disappearance: Friend Says She Left Town Out Of Fear

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (Feb. 27, 2014)– A close friend of Teleka Patrick is speaking out for the first time on-air about where Teleka Patrick may have been going the night she disappeared and her car was found in Indiana.

James Davis was one of the last people to talk to Teleka before she vanished.

Around the time that Teleka Patrick was spotted in the hotel lobby at the Radisson in Kalamazoo, the same time she disappeared, she called and texted long-time friend James Davis in St. Louis.

A search warrant indicates, “The last messages on PATRICK`S phone were between her and DAVIS.  The text message discussion was about them trying to get together and meet.”

He feels that she went to the hotel and contacted him previously because she was afraid to go back to her apartment, scared someone was after her.

He said that Teleka wanted him to drive from St. Louis to Kalamazoo to meet her, which he’d done in the past, but this time, he couldn’t because of work.

“I told her I couldn`t get there til the following Tuesday and she got mad at me.  She said You`re not taking me seriously and that`s when she got frustrated,” said Davis.

He said he was who she turned to when she was afraid.

“Yes mam, that would be accurate. Me and Teleka, we had a very good friendship,” said Davis. “If I needed something, I would call her. She was a really good friend of mine. So, I always took her for her word. She never lied to me about anything.”

Davis said Teleka hinted that it was a security team after her, inferring it was someone associated with Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp, the man who had taken a restraining order out against her months earlier.

“She was referring to Marvin Sapp`s security or someone….she made it sound like he could have her killed. But, she didn`t say directly Marvin Sapp,” said Davis.

“I know Teleka. She wasn`t going back to that apartment.  She was coming to see me,” said David. “She doesn`t know anyone, I`m the closet to her that she would confide in.”

Davis said Teleka had shown him messages before she claimed were from Sapp, although the singer had taken out a restraining order against her.

Davis felt either it was Sapp, or someone was playing a trick on her.

We’ve reached out several times to Marvin Sapp during the search for Teleka, but he hasn’t commented.

Detectives have said that he has cooperated with the investigation and have indicated he is an innocent victim of stalking by Teleka.

“I saw Teleka and someone corresponding with each other as if they could possibly be Marvin Sapp because the things she would talk about was marriage and relationships and church and this is what they are sending me. So, someone was playing a really dirty trick on her.”

Although there has been speculation that Teleka had some sort of mental issues that contributed to her disappearance Davis doesn’t believe it.

“I think  something happened to her,” said Davis. “I don`t think that she had an overload and just took off.”

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard! Maybe the stupid B should have CALLED THE COPS INSTEAD OF SOME FOOL FROM ANOTHER STATE!!!! The ppo the man took out on her was approved by a JUDGE so obviously there was factual evidence against her ass or the judge would have said no to the protection order.

  • CommonSense

    If she wants to remain "lost" she will. Too bad her family and real friends didn't step in and direct her to the psychiatric care she was in obvious need of.

  • Guest

    No stone should be left unturned in Teleka's case!
    Every single person involved should be thoroughly investigated before
    They are cleared.
    Teleka was OBVIOUSLY fearing for her life!
    Stop drinking the kool aid and wake up!
    Mental illness MY ASS! Someone, very desperately, wants it to
    Appear that way.

  • CJ

    …..maybe the FBI will step in and do what should have been done by law enforcement early on….investigate everyone…..I don’t think the FBI drinks Sapp flavored KoolAid!

  • Guest

    Why call the cops in Kalamazoo? They didn't investigate Sapp, dropped the ball and ignored information given to them. Someone saying something…"she stalked me" is not factual evidence. As more info comes out maybe less folks will drink the KoolAid!

  • cc oates

    Yea but founding fathers you seem very hostile. After the ppo was filed, some of the “associates” could have been contacting her, trying to set her up with jail time. After that didn’t pan out, they may have went another route.

  • Guest

    She is definitely suffering from severe mental illness. Have you seen her YouTube video? The video where she made dinner for a certain someone that was not there. THAT, is NOT normal behavior.

  • GUEST1

    This case continues to baffle me. If someone was indeed following her who's to say she was the one who drove her car to Portage. Maybe she was taken in the parking lot of her place of employment by the person or persons following her AND then they drove her car to Portage. I wonder does any of Sapp Security Team have any connections to any towns near or towards Portage.

  • VanillaStrawberry

    I think the police department should listen to what the psychis have to say about this case. I mean what could it really hurt

  • Massoon

    I believe mr davis should be investigated. his information contradicts everything else that has been said! trying very hard to say she was not ill (those videos tell me the opposite) and pointing the finger at sapp. I would look HARD at this "friend". I don't have many friends who can spontaneously take a week off here and there to be with me. sounds like he was VERY interested in her.

    • Henry

      I deel the same way. I don't trust James Davis! He always went to see her. But that night he didn't? She's trying to hard in pointing the other direction. He knows more about the dissapearance!

  • Bren

    This interview sounds weird. I don't think dude is involved but he's trying very hard to point fingers at MS. Has the snow melted yet in Indiana?! I think we will find her in the spring?

  • Robyn

    Hmmm I say check he last person she talked to if you want to know what happened to her. Oh, that would be this dude! Yeah, he sounds like hes been hiding something all these months. Couldn't stand holding it in it anymore huh dude? Have you been back to the crime scene yet?

  • fate

    I don’t think David did anything, but I think they should look at Mr Sapp. I think he had her bumped off so she could stop telling everyone she was his wife.just the thought of s pastor having someone killed is just mind boggling,that’s why I think he had somrething to do with’s just too bizarr and highly unlikely that your stalker ends up missing,stalkers llike to keep living so they can keep stalking.

  • cc oates

    I agree fate. He had more motive than Davis. It was reported early on that he was enraged at a church sermon telling the congregation about his stalker.

  • Joyce

    I pray almost each day that Teleka's parents will learn the whereabouts of their child. Even with the profanity, I still appreciate all of you keeping this case in your minds.

    I cannot and don't ever want to grapple with the disappearance of my children.
    Take care.

  • Guest 2

    Wasn’t the restraining order on a default decision because she didn’t show up. I really find it hard to believe that you are getting stalked for a year and not call the police especially if someone comes on your premises and your children are involved. Some people will say that a person is crazy so the truth won’t come out about their role they may have played to discredit the person. She had a lot to lose to stalk Mr. Sapp and put her whole career on the line as well as Mr. Sapp had a lot to lose being a well know pastor. I’m saddened that some called her out of her name on here and I really feel that the police have not done all they can do. Maybe after the restraining order she felt powerless her word against a man with thousands of followers with connections with the music industry etc. maybe she knew something that someone didn’t want to be known. I pray for this young lady and her family. There are many unanswered questions and things that doesn’t add up.

  • Boots

    Yes, she left out of fear. Google the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia! She would have been treated if she had been in a competent psychiatric residency program and diagnosed, but sadly she was in W. Michigan State's horrid residency program.