BYOW: Bring Your Own Wine To Michigan Resturants

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy: Getty Images

MICHIGAN (March 16, 2014)-  Wine fans have a reason to celebrate this weekend in Michigan.

House Bill 5046 was signed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on Friday, which allows restaurants and bars that already have a liquor license to allow their customers to bring their own bottles of wine into their establishments.

Hotels and resorts are exempt from the new legislation.

You should call ahead though, if you plan on bringing some of your own wine.

Under the new law, some restaurants can charge a corkage fee which could be as high as $25. Restaurants and bars can also bar customers from bringing wine that they have in stock, or they can opt out of the new law all together.


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  • Tracy Stratton

    What exactly is the point of this?? If restaurants can opt out of this, why wouldn't they? Don't you think they'd rather sell you THEIR wine than watch you drink yours?

  • Chris

    I want to bring my own snacks to a movie theater then since they don't offer healthy snacks. Also if a place serves coke products and someone wants Pepsi can they bring my own soda then? This law seems to be a waste of time and is unfair to the non-wine drinking population. Then again its not like MI has any other issues that the legislators need to worry about so they can spend time on stuff like this.

  • Lou W

    kind of looks like a useless waste of taxpayer dollars even discussing this bill. Why wouldn't an establishment opt out, of course they all can and probably will, what a waste of our dollars for the time involved in this sham of a bill when other things are way more important.

  • Jamie Chivis

    And this is the crap that our hardworking elected officials are working on, what a crock, waste of taxpayers money. I’m sure there are better issues that these crooks could work on.

  • Guest

    Im sure it was just another bumper bill. The law seems pretty asinine to say the least, it only stands to reason that something else be hidden within the bill..