Same-Sex Couple Reacts to Emergency Halt to Gay Marriage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — (March 22, 2014) FOX17 first introduced you to a battle creek couple at the beginning of the federal trial last month.

When the judge struck down the ban on gay marriage in Michigan on Friday, plans were quickly coming together travel plans were being booked for a wedding early next week.  Now, all that has changed.

Lynnette Rich and Toby Haughey of Battle Creek have been together for over 25 years. Friday evening, they got the call they’ve been waiting for decades.

“Then all of a sudden it hit me. I got excited. I started calling my family in Georgia and Oregon, and calling everybody up saying we are getting married,” said Haughey.

Both have been raising several children together and getting married was the next step to become the family they always wanted to be.

“My sister is going to fly in from Georgia and he was going to be here Wednesday anyway, but she was going to fly in early, so ill have to call her and say don’t worry about it,” said Haughey.

The couple had to wait until Monday the next time the Calhoun County Clerk’s Office would be open, unlike the four other county offices across the state which decided to open Saturday.

“For me that was, I’m suspicious. I tend to be a little bit more pessimistic. I don’t trust that minorities or the LGBT community is going to be taken care of in a kind manor,” said Haughey.

Both Rich and Haughey stress their reasons for getting married aren’t just for celebration, but also to receive certain health and tax benefits. For example, the couple says if one of them passed away, they would loose their home because the other wouldn’t be eligible for any social security benefits from the deceased.

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  • Koss Gambler

    it is unconstitutional….of course im going to see only negative comments on fox news. Its a bigotted right wing station that only shows the conservative view. The ban keeps gay people from the pursuit of happiness. Their are other clauses it violates but i dont feel like going on about it. Your book….One i would label fiction… is the closest you have to an argument. However the bible has NO BUSINESS in politics. If gays cant get married…then marriage as a whole should be abbolished. It should never be based on what the two people have between their legs. Gay couples wont affect our lives in any way. You wont go to hell cause Jon down the road married a man. You wont lose your job because your old high school sweetheart married another woman. Your life will go on regardless. With terrorism and all the other ugly things in the world and you have nothing better to do than deprive people of the right to be happy and love another human being. Thats sad when you think about it. Shame on you.