Video: Complete Coverage as Gay Couples Marry Across Michigan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • David

    One question remains, how did they get their license so fast. If gays get their marriage license in one day, why can't straight couples? Sounds like discrimination to me.

  • Joe Biden

    I like how Bill Schuette steps up to protect the vote of the people on not wanting gay marriages yet when it comes to the vote on medical marijuana he trys to block it or scare doctors so they wont prescribe additional pain medicines if someone has a license to use MM.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    So "We the people" voted NO, and some judge overturned the "VOTE OF THE PEOPLE"….. sounds like the judge has an Obama complex and should be disbarred.

  • Scherzerfan

    One judge's interpretation trumps a majority vote…Sure, sounds about right to me…Not! Personally, I have no interest in the gay marriage issue. In fact I don't give a rat's behind about most people. When I do vote for something that I care about, I would like to think that it counts for something and the issue that I do care about is not going to be thrown out the window because ONE person thinks he/she is more intelligent than the majority of people living in the State of Michigan. Please don't tell me that voters have been wasting their time going to the polls. And save all your worthless comments on this "unconstitutional vote."

  • Walter reichert jr

    We the people should be outraged ! First off it seems to me the clerks office also is working behind the seems to cram homosexuality down our throats ! When have you ever saw the county clerks office open on the weekend but specifically for this they opened up shop and passed out marriage licenses like candy without the waiting period and without the std counseling certificate like they make the normal heterosexual community do! And all the proclaimed men of the cloth held marriage ceremonies yet the same day too! And now the ill mentally twisted same sex comunity that pulled this stunt are crying on Monday that becuase if there Saturday marriage they now are being discriminated against because they can’t vote due to the name change . Hello ill one that’s you’re fault do things like everyone else!! Now they have discriminated against the heterosexuals because you’ll never see them
    Open shop on sat and waive any legal requirement for us .as for this judge who violated the will of the people we MUST all file millions if complaints with the JUDICIAL TENURE COMMISSION UNTIL HES standing IN THE UN EMPLOYMENT LINE !! This while case was a smoke screen brought claiming it was to protect the rights of the children first off how did a lesbian let alone 2 alowed to adopt a child. 2nd what right would the children be deprived .? They wouldn’t they used the kids that’s what they did . The state has the federal right to govern itself and the people will prevail on a federal level after this lets vote em all out and remove the rest from there seats lets not sit back and take it ANYMORE WAKE UP POEPLE !