Police Brought In to Handle Line For Section 8 Housing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
wyoming section 8 2

Monday morning

WYOMING, Mich. – Police were called to the Wyoming Housing Commission building Monday morning for crowd control after arguing and problems ensued in a line of more than 1,000 people.

People – some with their children – began lining up in extremely cold temperatures outside of the building, 2450 36th Street SW, Wyoming, to apply for Section 8 housing as early as 3 a.m.

FOX 17 was contacted by some of those in line after allegations of fighting and people cutting in the line.  At one point, crime tape went up to keep people in line.

When our crews arrived, FOX 17’s Jessica McMaster witnessed constant bickering and arguing.

“It’s like Hunger Games that there’s people pushing…people being beligerant,” one woman said.

wyoming section 8Tensions were high because we are told the wait to receive Section 8 housing could take between two to five years before being called back for a voucher, and also because it’s the first time since 2010 since the waiting list was opened.

There were no arrests, said police.

According to the Wyoming Housing Commission’s website:

The Wyoming Housing Commission (WHC) owns 195 public housing units. They are located at Westwood Apartments, Waldon Woods and at several other locations throughout Wyoming. Individuals and families pay rent based upon their income directly to the WHC.

The WHC administers approximately 1,100 Housing Choice Vouchers (Section-8) within Kent County and part of Ottawa County. The families and individuals who receive the vouchers pay a portion of their income for rent and the WHC pays the remainder (up to the limits set by HUD (Housing and Urban Development)) directly to the landlords each month.

The Housing Commission board meets every third Tuesday (except April and July) at 1:00 p.m. in the Community Room at Westwood Apartments, 2450 36th St. S.W.   The board members consist of Gerald Snyder, Board Chair; Barb VanDuren, Vice-Chair; Donald Dykstra; and Ron Dressander.

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  • Uncle Tom

    Don't see any white people in that crowd…. Now there's a surprise. Just a bunch of chimps looking for another handout…

    • Guest

      This is exactly why racism will never die, because of people like you. There are people from all races who receive public assistance, not just black people.

    • melewis1961

      It really is amazing how you can tell someone's ethnicity by the back of their coats. That is a deplorable thing to say! What kind of person are you? POS!

      • No PC 4 Me

        Tell that to the members of the congressional black caucus who ALL wore Hoddies on the house floor ( against the rules Btw) in support of Travon Martin

      • Uncle tom

        Hey dickhead. Watch the video on fox 17. Didn't see a white person in the crowd. What kind of person am I? One that's sick and tired of having to pay for lazy people and all the poor choices they made that got them to where they are now. I support myself and make my own way. No reason why 90 percent of these people in line can't do the same thing. But I guess you'd have to want to first…

        • True

          Your kinda busy watching tv you on total disability sucking kool-aid or just looking to nit pick. I too have been known to be a racist but there is a whole picture. To those black individuals that cry the card if you believe you are being picked on due to color look at what your wear when you go to interview where clothing that fit wear a belt "guys" no one gives a shit you have a bitch in prison "by the way that's what it means" ladies same wear clothes that fit earrings of normal size generally the one doing interview isn't looking for stirrups. Talk slow and with purpose clear and concise. Yes Uncle Tom should light a cabin and sit in it but don't call the world racist because urban attitude isn't accepted

    • Walt Forsythe

      Blacks are the most racist people on the planet and yet they are the ones who cry that racism is happening to them.
      They all need to be given rock and wood shampoos and be sterilized so the world can return to being civilized.
      Show me one single city or country that has benefitted from having blacks as it’s residents.
      Better yet, tell me one single thing the black race has invented or done that has benefitted mankind.
      Nothing but silence, and no peanut butter was in use by the Incas some 2000 years before Washington carver.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    LMFAO….. the irony of Entitlement. … Should have voted Republican. ….. that will teach the monkeys to cast a vote so they can get more FREE taxpayer funded handouts!

  • True

    I have never had problem with offering a hand up but long term hand outs are bullshit. Close your legs cut his balls off and get your self on your feet. No more money for more kids once you start getting help no cable paid by me no cell paid by me only the basics we need to live.

  • tracyd112

    What gets me is they are still working on the list from 2009 so these people fighting to be placed on a list they are probably already on it not like they will got it tomorrow.Then after this first process they must wait again to see if they qualify .What gets me is most these people will tell them it is just her with the kids or him with the kids and they will live under the same roof and 1 will have income that is not claimed .They will be getting there rent almost all paid and then they will have 1 or 2 pay checks to go blow weekly.The people that hand these out never check to see who is living there or who is working.

    • TheFoundingFathers

      Best idea yet! Throw those stupid monkeys out on the streets where they belong and start moving the veterans in ASAP…. Well after they disinfect the building….. Shit, I would be the first to give money to the veterans for something like this.

  • Guest

    You people act like half your whole every weekly paycheck pays for all the people to live on welfare. Get over yourself. I worked all my life and have lived in section 8 before. I paid not working; 300 a month, and when I opened my own business I was paying them 700 a month, then I moved out and bought a home. It's a stepping stone. However what does one do when they are injured, and lose their home? Are they not entitled? And you racist people (IM WHITE BTW) assume that they don't work. I got some news. If you don't work you have to report to community service and look for a job, if you DO NOT, you are evicted. They have rules. They prefer the ones who are working, in fact they take the ones working OVER the ones not working. Just trust me on this. I know. Everyone pays taxes, even when you go to the store. Not everyone is as smart, or is as lucky to have a great opportunity to land a great job. Do you know why that is?????? Because just like you, people are racist. NOt only to black people. But to the poor too. Since I've been missing a tooth because I was injured in a serious accident at work, and lost my business and home, NO ONE has wanted to hire me. Do you know how much a flipper cost? replacement teeth? Try 4 grand. Oh and btw, I now live in Chicago, and I'm back on section 8. :D THANKS!!! Much appreciated. LOL you guys are crazy. Most people t here pay rent. it goes by 40 percent of your income. and if you are sitting on your axel and aren't disabled, they make you go to community service and look for a job. Racists. Ever thing that's why they don't get hired? People hiding behind a screen, 90% being racist, I'm almost sure there's a ton of racist employers who only hire because its the law.

  • Guest

    and so quick to fire too, instead of letting people get use to the jobs, the ones who are swifter get to stay on top. Not everyone always gets a fair fighting chance in life. God knows this. And btw, I know A LOT of black women who work every day, and are on section 8. I do daycare for them :D

  • private

    So, the waiting list is about 5 years which means these hacks have no intention on improving their sad sack lives in 5 years!

    Which BTW equals=Freeloaders!

    The low life police in Wyoming should have taken the freeloading scum trouble makers off to jail- No questions, Just handcuffs!

    That would have lowered the number of freeloaders at least!

    Take the little entitled trouble making pigs off to jail!

    Listen you fuggin oxygen thief pigs- NOBODY owes you anything! White, Black, or otherwise!

    So sit down and shut up you classless trash!

    • Guest

      Cool maybe someday you'll be in a wheelchair like me, and that no one will hire you. Tell the employers to stop being so picky and cheap and give more jobs. And I STILL work, only that I watch older kids for working moms, because discriminating employers don't give anyone a chance. So called "goodwill" yea right. Been there done it, been looking for work 3 years. Never in my life have I looked that long with maybe 2 phone calls, and because they didn't realize i was partially in a wheelchair for most of my day. Disability office told ME, who worked all my life, that I can get a job, even in a wheel chair, and denied me benefits. So I'm gonna suck up whatever I can. :D I worked my ass off all my life. Oh and thanks again.

      • GuestToo

        It's probably because you're white, honestly. The amount of racism displayed toward blacks getting free stuff is sickening. I've been flat-out told that I would be denied benefits and other government assistance because I was white.

        So … where's the racism at? I think I'm quite justified in my hate.

  • knowledge

    The families receiving Section 8 assistance are 40 percent white, 41 percent black, 16 percent Hispanic, 2 percent Asian, and 1 percent Native 

    American. Forty-six percent of the families with children have their primary income 

    from wages, 36 percent from public assistance, and the remainder from Social 

    Security, SSI, and pensions. Families with tenant-based assistance are very poor; 

    their median income is $8,663. While families with children have a slightly larger 

    median income of $9,654, as we have seen, less than one-half of them have their 

    primary income from wages, and even among families who do work, average 

    income is only $14,957.

    I’ve worked in the business and know the demographics. While many of you are speaking hate and ignorance, you should research before spilling nonsense from your lips.

    • Walt Forsythe

      Seeing how blacks are only 15% of the population, the number of them on assistance is sickening.
      I can not wait until the economy dies and these black idiots need to fend for themselves.
      I have my farm securely fitted with motion detectors and infrared cameras. They will be eat lead before they get their paws on my vegetables.