Domino’s Driver Thrown in Trunk, Beaten, Robbed at Gunpoint

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Dominos puzzy robbery suspectsMUSKEGON, Mich (March 28, 2014) – Two suspects are facing possible life sentences if convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping and felony firearms charges after the brutal assault of a pizza delivery man earlier this month.

Prosecutors say Micah Quinn, 17, and Taylin Glenn, 19, assaulted a Domino’s delivery man on Apple Avenue in Muskegon on March 19th.

The two are accused of throwing the victim into the trunk of a vehicle, driving him around town, then beating him and robbing him at gunpoint.

The suspects allegedly assaulted the victim after kidnapping him because they were upset he didn’t have more money on him.

The unidentified victim is a 54-year-old man, who’d been a pizza delivery man for about 20 years.  Prosecutors say the victim lost teeth during the assault.

Authorities say the assault was first reported as a missing person complaint by a manager after the delivery man didn’t return to the Domino’s store after making a run.

Prosecutors say the suspects are also facing unrelated armed robbery and felony firearms charges for another criminal incident that happened just 3 days prior to the delivery man being attacked and kidnapped.

Prosecutors say Quinn and Glenn have a previous armed robbery conviction as juveniles for crimes committed in 2010.

In that incident, the pair along with another suspect cornered a victim walking home from a store, who happened to be a trained martial artist.  The victim was able to fight off the 3 suspects, chase them after the attack, disarm one of them and hold another until police arrived to make arrests.

Quinn and Glenn were convicted in that case in 2010.

Both are being arraigned for the Domino’s assault & kidnapping this afternoon.

Look for more details tonight on FOX17 News at 5 & 6.

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    Kill these fucks they have no right to life! And I don't want my tax dollars wasted keeping them housed and feed.

  • Mike

    I hope the victim wasn't Robert :(

    He's been our pizza guy for a long time and it would hurt me to hear that it was him :(

  • jerry

    foundingfathers your right find a tree lets do it 1 guy working and these two worthless ni–ers doing what they do best .but we have to be careful how we think theres people who will be here saying they should be given another chance and there not n—ers there good boys who just made a little mistake

    • melewis1961

      Wow, there are good and bad in all races. Calling others N is not conducive to your argument. It only shows ignorance.

    • eyeh8you

      man dad was a chicago copper for 25 yrs, a patrolmen in the Roseland neighborhood. He told me once that the ni66er is good at four things :crime, getting free money, breeding and sports. He says to this day thats why he doesn't watch proffesional sports. lol

  • Btatem

    Put them in a cage(solitary) and leave them there until they are too old to walk. No need to expose other inmates to these monsters..

  • Michael

    Just wait, Al Sharpton will be out there protesting that they are misunderstood youths and that they didn't have all the opportunities that others have and shouldn't be held responsible and should be given another chance. Let's see, they did attacked and robbed someone else 4 years ago who just happened to be able to defend himself better then they could assault him. Now they attack a man who is just out trying to make a living to provide for himself and his family. These two just need to be removed from the gene pool before the procreate. The shame here above the poor guy who got pummeled was the fact that the victim wasn't armed and able to just drop these two wastes of oxygen.