Man Arrested in Ottawa Co. for Alleged Sex Crime

George BozikOTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. (March 31, 2014) — A 31-year-old man was arrested in Ottawa County Friday on an outstanding warrant for criminal sexual conduct.

George Bozik is a facing second-degree criminal sexual conduct charge for an alleged incident in Norton Shores and is also under investigation for a sex charge in Ottawa County, according to officials.

He was arrested Friday on 144th Avenue south of Leonard Road in Crockery Township.  He is also facing a probation violation involving marijuana charges, according to Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.

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  • melewis1961

    What do those charges consist of?
    If the complaining witness is younger than 13 years old;
    If the complaining witness is between 13 and 15, but related to the defendant, lives in the defendant’s household or if the defendant is in a position of authority to the complaining witness;
    If the defendant is a teacher, substitute teacher, administrator of the school (in the same district at least) that the complaining witness attends;
    If the defendant is an employee or contract employee of a school within the school district the complaining witness attends;
    If force or coercion was used to complete the penetration or if the complaining witness was incapacitated;
    If there was a weapon used;
    If there was force/coercion and a personal injury;
    If the complaining witness was incapacitated and there was personal injury;
    If the defendant was in the process of committing another felony; or
    If the defendant is engaging in the medical treatment or examination of the complaining witness for a purpose that is medically recognized as unethical or unacceptable.

    It seems to be pretty broad, so what specifically did he do?

  • cmunki

    Look at the police sketch of the man that is tied to the Jessica Heeringa case. Very close resemblance to this man. Also, there is the Norton Shores connection. I believe his charges does not help set aside the assumption either.