Four Months Missing: New Ground Search for Teleka Patrick

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORTER, Indiana (April 5, 2014) – It’s been four months of anxiety for the family of Teleka Patrick.  The young medical professional was working on her residency when she vanished in December after leaving work at Borgess Medical Center.

The investigation has taken many twists and turns – at times developing more questions than answers.

Four months to the day of her disappearance, new searches across state lines are leading to more dead ends.

Search crews hoped the melted snow and exposed ground would help them find something that would lead them to Teleka.

The Last Person Known To Have Contact With Teleka Speaks Out

Missing Kalamazoo Doctor Teleka Patrick

Private investigator Jim Carlin led a search of the area of I-94 near Porter, Indiana – where Teleka’s gold Lexus was originally found – for nearly four straight days. No clues were found, further convincing Carlin  that Teleka was picked up by someone near the area.

Grand Rapids-based pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp continues to be a focal point for Carlin, but not for detectives.

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller has said that Sapp is nothing but an innocent victim of an apparent stalking.

Carlin says Teleka was vocal about her fear of being in harm’s way and even being followed before she disappeared.

The P.I. is now reaching out to Teleka’s church, the Seventh-Day Adventists, in an open letter asking for prayers to bring Teleka home.

The Patrick Family is offering a $20,000 reward for information on the disappearance of Teleka.

Anyone with information should call Silent Observer at 269-343-2100.

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  • Boots

    W. Michigan State's psychiatry residency program must be closed by the state authorities!!!! It has always been rated as one of the worst psychiatry residency programs in the USA and here's, sadly, more proof. Teleka was working there for 5 months and none of the attending physicians (university professors) and other residents were able to recognize that she was psychotic. Outrageous!!!! Her text messages showed that she was very paranoid and clearly having visual and auditory hallucinations. Think of all the physicians with whom she had to interact on a daily basis and all of them couldn't recognize paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions! Grrrrrrr! CLOSE THIS INCOMPETENT RESIDENCY PROGRAM!!!

    To Teleka's family,
    I am very sorry for your loss. Teleka was a caring Christian who would have been a wonderful physician. She will be missed. May God comfort your family and all of her friends.