The B.O.B.’s Liquor License Gets Suspended for 3 Days; The B.O.B. Plans to Appeal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The B.O.B.’s liquor license has been suspended for 3 days, according to a spokesperson for the state’s liquor control commission. Commissioner Ed Clemente issued the ruling this morning. Two hearings were held; one in January and the other in February.

The death of Kevin O’Brien, 36, spurred the liquor control commission to get involved. O’Brien died after falling from the fourth floor stairwell at the B.O.B. in May 2013. He’s the third person to die in this manner at the B.O.B.

In January 2014, the B.O.B. was charged with serving alcohol to an intoxicated person, over-serving alcohol, and allowing an intoxicated person to loiter.

The business was found guilty on the first two charges and fined $600 as a result.

In a statement, B.O.B. management said it appeal the commission’s decision.

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    • tracyd112

      They should have been closed forever the Cheap bastards it took 3 to die for them to fix the issue they should have paid with the life of the Bob just like the 3 People did .

  • Bob

    Only a fool would get drink and blame someone else for their actions. It's a shame someone died, but to blame the BOB is a big injustice!

  • tracyd112

    Injustice they should close down all the Bars as there is a life lost daily in the USA from drunks this dump took 3 lifes

  • Joachim Bridzinski

    During its early years, the foundation operated in New Delhi under the leadership of

    Verma family members. The elders being busy with their bread earning, they actively

    encouraged the youngsters to enter the arena of politics. The problem is; if healthy influences and supportive conditions for change are absent;

    expecting someone to ‘shape up’ is akin to expecting a twisted stem to untwist.