Over $4,000 Stolen From A Gas Station In Sunday Morning Robbery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police lights multiple nightMATTAWAN, Mich. (April 20, 2014)- Over $4,000 was stolen from a Citgo Gas Station, Sunday morning in Mattawan.

According to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department, the robbery happened at the Citgo Gas Station located in the 24000 block of Red Arrow Highway. Deputies say that three suspects walked into the gas station and one of them went into a side room where the money was located. The other two suspects walked around the store while the third suspect was stealing the money.

The money that was taken from a drawer was unlocked at the time.

One of the employees working at the time noticed the suspect in the room, the suspect then became irate with the employee. Right after that all three suspects fled the store in a what deputies call a “White newer sedan, possibly a Cadillac.”

The suspects were able to get a away with over $4,400.

The suspects are described as, three older black males,  ages ranging from 35-50 years old.  All were in dark clothing.  One suspect had on a blue stocking hat, another one was wearing a light color golf style hat.

It was also brought to the Deputies attention that two stores in Portage had the same type of incident with similar descriptions yesterday.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office at 269-657-2006 or Silent Observer.

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    3 Black males…. wow I didn't see that one coming. Guess the free obama phone and the welfare
    checks aren't enough.

  • tracy

    Sounds like another inside job and as always 3 black guys walk in and just happen to know where the office is to just walk in and the money was just sitting there in the open.I dont think so The workers heard of the other two robbery's and decided well lets take this and blame it on 3 black guys driving a newer car?Sounds fishy to me.And I am white and I dont even believe this story