Deputies: Employees Open Fire on Masked, Armed Jewelry Store Robbers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (April 22, 2014)– The Kent County Sheriff’s Department responded to a jewelry store robbery on Plainfield Avenue Tuesday.

Four armed, masked robbers reportedly struck Medawar Jewelers, 4518 Plainfield Ave. NE at around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.  Deputies initially said that five suspects had robbed the store.

FOX 17 joins Michigan State Police as they perform an aerial search for the jewelry store suspects:

Two employees fired back at the robbers, and deputies believe at least one of the suspects was shot in the torso area.  No employees were injured.

The entire Northview Public School District was put on lock down until about 1:40 p.m., according to the superintendent.

FOX 17’s Jessica McMaster spoke with the owner and his son who said they’ve used their experience from being robbed at gunpoint back in 2010 to help them prepare for Tuesday’s events.

“We told them, ‘we have guns, we will shoot you, leave, leave we will shoot you leave,'” David Medawar, the owner’s son said.  “And they did not leave. They came in and pursued to try to get all of us and we saw the threat, we saw him aiming his gun at us coming in the door, so we fired and eliminated the threat and they fled.”

The same store was robbed at noon on Oct. 5, 2010.  Three men from Detroit pleaded guilty to armed robbery and felony use of a firearm in that case.

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  • Tom

    Amazing that you were able to report on a crime that has not yet happened. At least my clock says 12:59 p.m. Right now. You should get officers on the scene before it happens!

  • Support The Second

    NO- The employees DID NOT "open fire", they DEFENDED them self's.
    Don't make lawful citizens out to be the bad guys, the bad guys were victimizing the employees.

    And BRAVO to the brave store employees for standing up to criminals.

    Crime has skyrocketed over the past few years and we the lawful public aren't buying the anti-gun, anti-self rhetoric.

    If fact I'll take this opportunity to jump on the soap box –
    The anti-gun lobby is working 24/7 to repel self defense laws, their goal is to return to a time when victims were required by law to run away. A time when a lawful citizen who defended them self's could be sued by the criminal or the family of the criminal.
    Demonizing "stand your ground laws" and the lawful, legal, civil right to bear arms and lawfully defend ones self.
    The anti-self defense lobby wants to give the criminal the legal advantage, not the victim.

    They claim that removing the second amendment and banning self defense laws will will reduce crime.
    It won't, if criminals respected the law, they wouldn't rob, kill, rape or plunder in the first place and there would be no need to defend ones self.

  • tracyd112

    1 THING CAN HELP STOP ALL THIS CRAP OF ROBBING AND RAPING AND KILLING PEOPLE WHILE DRIVING DRUNK.IT CAN BE CUT BY 2/3RDS WITH STIFFER PENALTIES. They lock drug dealers up with a mandatory minimum but they are only selling to people that are hurting themselves Is it good no but these other crimes are hurting others to a point to where they are taking life's we need tougher laws on crimes like this I mean these guys dont have a care in the world to run into a p[lace with guns drawn so WHY SHOULD US A SOCIETY CARE ABOUT THEM OR EVEN HOW THEY ARE TREATED WHEN LOCKED UP. Lets go back to hard time not this vacation we have in the prison systems of today all bills paid warm beds hot food CABLE TV and millions of people that work minimum wage cant even afford! or medical and dental inmates get all that oh YEA AND IF YOU RAPE OR MOLEST A CHILD YOU GET SENT TO A PRISON IN THE SYSTEM WITH THE REST OF THE PEDOPHILES because as the guards say they have to protect them too!. So why not take a risk like this if you dont want to work for anything if you get caught you serve maybe 5 years on vacation. HELL OF A RISK I SAY? .

  • Dam

    Fuc you, Medawar's store is great I praise them for the protection of there employee. Paul and family may god bless you thru all this and know that those of us when we can will support you. Thank you for defending Plainfield from trash.