Disturbing New Trend: Kids Using Chapstick On Their Eyelids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (April 25, 2014) — There are videos all over YouTube of kids using something they have in their pocket everyday.

Chapstick. The new trend is called ‘Beezin’, where students put a thin layer of Burt’s Bees on their eyelids. They claim it increases their sensation of getting high or drunk. Other kids say it helps keep them awake and alert during long nights of studying. The videos show kids putting it on their eyelids, which causes a burning sensation.

But doctors are issuing a warning; ┬áit’s very dangerous. They say the tingling sensation is caused by the peppermint oil in the Chapstick. They say the trend could cause symptoms that mimic Pink eye, and your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Kids may think the trend is harmless because Burt’s Bees products are supposed to be 100% natural, but doctors say using any product other than what’s intended for can be risky.



(GRAPHIC language)



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    How dang stupid are these kids becoming! Just can not find anything constructive to do. They need a kick in the butt along with their parents.

  • MYeyesAREfine

    I do this. It helps take away my tired eyes and my allergy eyes. I have been doing this for years and have perfect sight. It has nothing to do with getting drunk or high. This article is complete BS you guys.

  • Sarcasm

    Yes its complete BS, why listen to the advice of doctors? Its not like they went to school studying the human body for several years or anything what do they know.

  • Stop it you idiotic bats!

    Kids are getting dumbed down by all their fuggin devices!
    I say take their devices away- Then snatch the little idiots by the head of the hair and beat the stupidity out of them!

  • Ryan Skruch

    Is it a slow news night, or did I accidentally log on to woodtv8.com (West Michigan’s #1 source for investigative reports on how your teen will die using “bath salts”).

  • dvp

    Chapstick is petroleum jelly. Burt's Bees is beeswax. They are not the same thing, but both are totally edible. This is another non news story. Let me give you some REAL stories to work on: 1. Why hasn't Bowe Bergdahl been released as of yet? 2. Saeed Abedini is being denied medical treatment – isn't that breaking the Geneva Convention? 3. Ground beef has doubled in price. Give us alternatives to eat. 4. Where's the proof that Malaysian plane went down and what happened? 5. Why isn't the government doing something about rising gas prices? 6. Why didn't anyone receive jail time/impeachment over Benghazi? And I'd like to see these stories with just facts, not any slant or opinion.

  • Albeit

    Wait a minute. Is Chapstick the same as Burt's Bee's? With Chapstick it says yous doosen "Beezin" buts with Burt's Bees yous doosen "Chapzin"? Theres no reezin for Beezin.

  • DASL

    more than half of yoy are fucking retarded, especially the guy that blamed it on devices, and is promoting child abuse. you piece of shit.