Pay-Per-Mile: Proposed Plan Could Fix Michigan’s Roads

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (May 20,2014) — It’s no secret that our state’s roads are in need of some fixing. In fact, according to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan is currently dealing with a road and bridge funding shortfall of between $1.2 and  $2 billion a year.

To help fund some of the repairs, a number of ideas have been thrown out there, including toll roads and higher gas taxes. Now, according to a study done by the University of Michigan, there’s talk of a new ‘pay as you go’ program being a possible solution.

The proposal involves charging drivers based on the amount of miles they drive. To do that, recording devices and even GPS devices may be used on drivers’ vehicles, but not everyone is on board with the idea.

“No one should have to pay more if they’re driving more. No one should have to pay less if they’re driving less. It should be fair for everyone,” said one driver to WNEM. Another said, “You just kind of wonder where the money did go from before, if it’s being used wisely.”

Other states that are currently considering similar mileage fee proposals are Texas, Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

A spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Transportation told the Detroit Free Press that the agency isn’t advocating for a system like this, but says it’s definitely a conversation that needs to happen.

Right now, this idea is in the preliminary stages, and nothing has been passed.

To tell us what you think about this idea to fix Michigan’s roads, comment below, or share your thoughts on the FOX 17 Facebook Page.



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  • TheFoundingFathers

    If you think I will let a corrupt ass government put a GPS , or any other tracking device on my vehicle to track where I go and when I stop to take a shit…… NEVER going to happen!

  • Guest

    Because the government isn't up my butt enough. I work from home and put an average of about 20 miles a week on, so of course this would really benefit someone like me, yet, this idea makes me want to …oh..I don't know.. hurl I guess. I hope that the residents of Michigan aren't the mindless "sheeples" that our government would like to think they are and will see this for what it is. Just another way for government to track everything that we do. I'd rather drive through corn fields than to allow anyone to put gps on my vehicle. And an answer to Guest- you don't "stop' it as much as you just refuse to comply.

  • JayBee

    according to the taxes on my gasoline i already am paying per mile I drive.

    these are the idiots we are letting run the show? boy, do we deserve the government we got.

  • kenr

    We already pay for our road fixes , need more money hire non union workers to fix the roads . They will last longer and be way cheaper or start charging electric vehicles some road tax means they pay NONE

  • jimno

    How about we get rid of the road commission unions and make people on welfare for more than 3 months fill potholes and ditches. Don't give the government more money, make them accountable.

  • duane

    Why not make the state, county, and city road crews do the road repairs rather than hireing private contractors and still pay the high wages to the road crew workers who arent earning their keep? Also, why does the state pay “early completion” bonus to contractors ? Last I knew if a job is contracted and done ahead of schedual, they still get the full amount of the contract which is their bonus in itself. The so called leaders of this state need to pull their heads from their butts and use some common sense.

  • ugh

    Maybe if the money was used correctly and the roads were repaired correctly the first time we wouldn’t nnis in this situation. . Seems to me thats its the same rds that are getting fixed over and over again.. or fixing them then the get bad the first time instead of waste in the money on dirt or rocks to cover holes maybe fill them in with something that will stay instead of having to fill them over and over again… I thought people had brains but maybe I am wrong!

  • Ryan

    Pretty sure the decriminalization of marijuana would cover the bill for the roads. but hey, thats just the smart thing to do.