Low-Flying B-52 Spotted In Wyoming, Jenison Areas


File photo from airport’s Facebook page

KENT COUNTY, Mich. (May 21, 2014) — A low-flying aircraft prompted several concerned viewers to contact FOX 17 News Wednesday afternoon.

According to officials at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, a B52 flew low near the airport at about 2:45 p.m., but it was nothing to worry about.

“Our air traffic control has requested the pilot fly low near the airport to give those in the area a nice view,” the airport’s Facebook page says. 

The flyover was a tribute to Lt. Col. David Raab, a 52-year-old Air Force pilot who recently passed away from cancer.

FOX 17 was contacted by viewers in the Wyoming and Jenison areas about the low flying aircraft.

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  • Mike

    Very cool tribute, but maybe next time LET SOME PEOPLE KNOW!!!!! Scared the crap out of a lot of people in the area. Plus wouldn't it be better to make a tribute like that if people knew what they were seeing and why? Nobody had a clue it was in honor of anyone and it shook a lot of people up. Let's think things through a little more next time. A low flying military aircraft? You think that might make some people nervous?

    • Christina

      Yes – notice should have been given. I'm a middle school teacher. It flew so close to our school that many of our kiddos were scared. Had I known in advance, I could have used it as a teachable moment and taken them outside to watch.

      • Winnie

        They are only “scared” because they are taught fear! all of the comments here sound like cry babies! You idiots were so concerned that you called a “media” outlet? No one considers you people important enough for anything!
        Get over yourselves you bunch of narcissistic control freaks!

  • Kevin

    I saw it too, from the corner of 36th and Michael. wondered why it was so low. I was a little concerned that they might be having difficulties