Dispute Over Jeep Damaged By Lawnmower, Why One Woman Says The Company Should Pay Up

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (May 21, 2014) — Dee Popovic says her teenager’s Jeep was damaged by a West Michigan landscape management company, and the company should pay to repair the damage.

The mom contacted The Fox 17 Problem Solvers and she said DJ’s Landscape Management stopped communicating with her about the incident.

It was May 8, 2014, and Dee Popovic’s teenage daughter was on her way to get school pictures taken. The girl’s Jeep was stopped at a stop sign at the corner of Dean Lake Avenue and Ter Van Drive in Grand Rapids when a DJ’s mower backed into the Jeep.

An estimate Popovic showed FOX 17 puts the repairs at more than $1600.  Repairs that would be covered by insurance minus the $500 deductible.

Popovic said she’s had trouble getting in contact with a representative from the company to follow up on the claim, a claim that is echoed by an incident report filed with the Grand Rapids Police Department. The two-page report ends with the sentence, “Both shared information so the landscape company could cover expenses.”

Since then, says Popovic, DJ’s has not paid anything for repairs. “I insisted, and I insisted, and I insisted and basically was just put through into the voicemail,” she said.

When we stopped by DJ’s last week, we were told the company had just received the police report, and they told us to come back the following week. The following day, Popovic said, someone from DJ’s called her and said company will not pay for any damages.

When we went back to DJ’s again, we found the owner.

“Hello my name is DJ,” he said as he opened the door to the lobby.  He then looked at the FOX 17 photographer and said, “You can stay there.”

I introduced myself and asked, referring to the photographer, “He can’t come in?”

“I just want to talk with you,” said DJ, as he forcibly took the microphone from my hand and set it down on a chair in the lobby. A ten minute conversation then took place behind the closed door.

The owner told me he was still working with the insurance company and denied that anyone told Popovic the matter was closed.

He said whenever his staff does speak with Popovic she can be hostile at times.  He also said it was too early for anyone to expect a resolution.

Popovic said she just wants the company to do what she considers right and what was indicated in the police report.

“Ball’s in their court,” she said.  “They are not saying anything. They are waiting for me to go away.”

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state.  We asked a local State Farm agent how that would come into play for this incident.  The agent told us ‘no-fault’ means that each party’s insurance is responsible for the damages to their respective vehicle.  That does not cover the deductible and could increase your premium.

The agent said the door is open for civil action, but Popovic is hopeful it can be resolved without the courts involvement.

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  • Stand up citizen

    VERY IRRESONIBLE REPORTING … Djs is clearly involved in a matter that involves due process under MICHIGANS NO FAULT INSURANCE LAWS… A company that generates millions in tax revenue for the state should not be protected by its laws? Very unfortunate fox 17 chooses to make them look like the villain. Clearly the company was willing to cooperate with the action of participating in a incident report… What have they done wrong? By in large in the court if public opinion the facts do not matter; and in the case of the news station facts have to be twisted or left out to generate interest in their program … So I ask you who's the real villain here? A law abiding company that provides a service and jobs to the community… Or the news station that tries to attack them for following the law? If the lady has a problem with the Michigan's insurance laws she should take it up with the state… Not try to slander a company that is within its rights to have her seek damages through her insurance. BIG FAIL FOX 17. Go find the real news before I call woodtv to due a story on " a low rated cable news station" bullying the community …

    • Guest

      Ok DJ, stop trying to make people believe your this honest business man!
      You're a piece of shit, just like your Dad was before you.

      No one in this town likes, trusts or respects you!

      I realize you were picked on and bullied as a child, but that does not give you the right to intimidate people.

    • Guest

      So what ever became of this DJ? Did you pay the nice lady or did you try to screw her over like you do all of your other customers?

  • Anonymous

    The bone head reporter states "as he forcibly took the microphone from my hand and set it down on a chair in the lobby."

    The microphone was spewing garbage from the minute it was spoken into… The owner of the company was smart for having removed that filth before it entered the premise… It also sounds like he was in his right as well – under the Michigan trespassing statue

    Section 750.552a

    Act 328 of 1931

    750.552a Filth, garbage or refuse; unlawful to dump, deposit or place on property of another.
    Sec. 552a.

    Any person who shall dump, deposit or place any filth, garbage or refuse on the grounds or premises of another, without the specific permission of the owner thereof, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

    History: Add. 1954, Act 27, Imd. Eff. Mar. 31, 1954

    © 2009 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

  • Huh

    Is this segment called problem solvers? I think a more accurate title would be "PROBLEM CREATORS" or "FACT AVOIDERS" or …

    "OUTLAWS" based on the merit the news station does not advocate following the law …

  • jerry

    are the jeep owners just nuts or what its no fault ins. call your ins. co. you live in michigan . unless ya dont have ins. then your out of luck

  • Jeff

    Michigan's Mini Tort Law – the person at fault is responsible for up to $1000 of uninsured loss as long as the at fault person is at least 51% at fault. Generally all you have to do is contact the at fault person's insurance and its paid.

  • MeNoDo

    There is too much detailed defense to not suspect the company, representative, or my suspect the owner making posts here. I'll look at this as a reference to DJ's.

    • Guest

      Yes, the company is systemically run by crooks. It comes from the guy at the top though – Mr. DJ himself. He has molded PVS in to a minion to field angry customers for him and deflect any responsibility for negligence. I bet they find a way to invoice Dean Lake Condos for all of the time they spent lying and avoiding the situation. Typical of this company and typical of the coward DJ.