Celebrating 70 Years: A Marriage that Lives for Each Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FREMONT, Mich. (June 1, 2014) – U.S. Army Veteran Bob Johnson and his wife Jean are celebrating 70 years together June 17.

“We love each other immensely,” Bob said looking to Jean.

They claim to not have any secrets; but, it may be their faith and love of music keeping their relationship strong, and their minds sharp as ever, at ages 94 and 92.

“They’re a blessing. And if they didn’t make it to that day, what we’ve had up until then is good, good enough, and it’s the best,” said Marijo Barnes, daughter of Bob and Jean.

Parents of seven children and grandparents of 18, Bob and Jean raised a family of singers.

Bob and Jean Johnson“She said it was because of my singing that she fell for me,” Bob said.

They also say they grew up from two entirely different backgrounds, but they shared the same purpose.

“We wanted to serve the Lord, so we served each other,” added Bob.

In 1951, the pair started Fremont Wesleyan Church. And now, the community there has become part of their family.

“As you age, things get harder all the time, we are so blessed because we are taken care of by loving, wonderful people who really care about us,” explained Jean.

Although their anniversary is just around the corner, they say they’re not celebrating the date but their partnership; a testament to younger generations.

“When it gets hard, please don’t give up. It’s worth it to hang in there and work it out,” urged Jean.

It’s a true love that’s allowed them to cherish each day, and not just the years.

“We’re living a day at a time, hoping that tomorrow we’ll still be hanging in there,” said Jean.

“Otherwise we’ll be in Heaven we figure,” shared Bob.

Johnson FamilyThis coming Saturday Bob and Jean will be celebrating their anniversary a little early, surrounded by a close circle of loved ones at the Newaygo Medical Care Facility, a nursing home they truly call home.

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