Family Speaks Out After 7-Month-Old Is Killed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COLDWATER, Mich. (June 2, 2014)–The family of a 7-month-old boy who was killed last week is speaking out.

According to family, Carson Burm, was taken to a hospital in Coldwater on Thursday with several injuries, including a shattered skull and a broken collar bone. The boy was then flown into Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 4.20.16 PMOn Sunday, 41-year-old Steven Shaw was taken into custody and charged with homicide.

Family tells FOX 17 the child was left with the suspect while the boy’s mother went to work. Family said the suspect is the mother’s fiance. They said the suspect called 911 on Thursday, saying Carson was unresponsive and foaming at the mouth. When emergency crews arrived, family said, the 7-month-old was in cardiac arrest. He died on Friday.

A family spokesperson said CPS was called to the home where the boy lived on three separate occasions. They said they learned this during a custody hearing on Friday, where the boy’s older sister was taken into protective custody.

The family said this was the first they’ve heard of any child abuse against Carson. FOX 17 looked into the suspect’s criminal record and found that he has been charged with embezzlement, fraud, larceny and drug charges in the past.

The suspect is expected to be arraigned in a Branch County courtroom Monday afternoon.

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    • Debbie

      i fully agree. i do not understand how a female can be so desperate to have a man in the house that she will ignore everything to keep him there!. this has happened so many times in the last year usually with boyfriends.

  • tracyd112

    CPS never does there Job .Oh yea once in awhile they do but they will wait until something like this happens then remove the others as CPS believes the lies parents tell them and the parents tell the kids what to say and little kids will do whatever told by the parents.

    • Merida

      This is just getting outrageous how CPS is handling the majority of abuse and neglect cases..what will it take before the broken system is overhauled…There is no other way but to privatize the horribly broken department. Government has proven that they are not able to handle these cases. I worked for government my self for many years and things move at a snails pace as well as not enough accountability from the employees… I have had the opportunity to see these workers in Kent County in action and believe me they are too young too inexperienced to be doing a job where a child's safety is at risk. When will it all end…Where is Snyder in all of this…. these are state employees…God help our children!

      • tracyd112

        You are so true as I know of a case right now a woman with 5 kids CPS took them a few years back she had 3 at that Had 2 more got the 3 back and they have been called several times by Neighbors. ! is already in Foster care she dont ever have food the house if nasty her garage is full of rotten trash for the beginning of winter. CPS has done nothing to this woman as she lies and has the Kids lie telling them they will o back to Foster care.If I were a worker I would not be doing it for a paycheck I would be doing it for the Kids.. We need a new system we have Millions more children now and all types of nationalities .OUR CHILDREN NEED HELP NOW NOT TOMORROW.

  • hello

    He needs to be sent to prison along with the worthless mother! But, then that's just the easy way out. If possible, maybe they can shatter their skulls and maybe break their collarbones!!!!!

  • lauren hopwood

    May Peace Be With The Children!! God will do the punishing to the both of them!! as for the fools,they will go to hell!!!

  • Laughmore

    How in the …. could a person with a heart hurt that precious little face. Lucky for that SOB I am not passing out the sentencing. He would pray for death. From the sounds of it, the mother could use a few slaps. Even if he had her scared shotless, she was getting out to work and could get help then. Sorry, I can't find an excuse for her either. Hang 'em both.

  • mary smith

    I don't understand why if the baby was there when they took the other child they didn't take the baby to. Or maybe the baby was born after she was taken. I lived in CW for 12 years and know some who lost them all if even one was abused and that is how it should be. How ever CPS here in Ohio is no better. I ask myself to how anyone could do this to an innocent child that can't defend them self. A worthless coward.

  • Jo

    Another situation ship….
    Another ‘Mamas boyfriend’…..
    I am so disgusted by the way these idiots conduct themselves. And its ALWAYS the children who suffer for it.

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