6-Year-Old Child Goes Missing from Elementary School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
riverside elementary

Riverside Elementary School, Big Rapids, Mich.

UPDATE:  From Big Rapids PD, the missing 6yr old black female has now been located safe. Please disregard the last alert message. Thank you.The Big Rapids Dept. of Public Safety has located the missing black female safe.
Please disregard the last alert and no future action is necessary.

Thank you.



MECOSTA COUNTY, Mich. – A search is underway in Big Rapids for a six-year-old girl who was last seen at Riverview Elementary School.  Investigators have not released a name or a picture of the child.  The following is from police:


Big Rapids Department of Public Safety is searching for a Black female, 6 years old. Last seen at Riverview School in Big Rapids wearing pink shorts, white shirt and she has corn rolled hair. If you have any information call the Big Rapids Dept. of Public Safety at 231-527-0005.



If you have any information call the Big Rapids Dept. of Public Safety at 231-527-0005

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  • lou.word

    My grandson wandered away from his school at six years old. Something more needs to be done to keep these kids from just taking off like that.

  • Come on man...

    Come on we need more information if we are to help-
    Is the girl White? Black ? Hispanic ? Blue ?
    Hight ? Glasses ?
    Screw PC…the kid is more important

  • Guest

    School personnel do all they can, legally, to keep children in the school building and 'contained', but wake up people, there are some kids who are so out of control that they walk or RUN away on their own. When a teacher or other employee or volunteer is working with children their focus cannot humanly be on all the others in the room/area. CHILDREN and PARENTS must take some responsibility here. Children must be told by their parents that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are they EVER to leave the building without an adult with them, and if they DO take off there will be serious consequences at HOME for it. It all starts in the home, folks. HOME is where the power is.