State Road Funding Fails; West Michigan Man Foretells the Consequence

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (June 13, 2014) — After losing a tire, Kevin Fish is frustrated that West Michigan roads might not get fixed anytime soon. State lawmakers failed to pass legislation for state road funding Thursday night.

“If I have to pay a little extra to get these holes taken care of, so that it wouldn’t cost me $222 per tire. I’d be certainly interested in donating whatever it is, if it’s going to be in taxes or at the fuel pump, whatever it might be that the decide,” Fish said.

A pothole took out his Ford’s left rear tire last February.

“I’m dodging those everyday. Kind of working the traffic to make my sure that you can get around them and this particular moment, particular trip going down, I failed to see it and ran right in the midst of it,” he explained.

His tire was sliced on Maryland Avenue.

“There was a one inch cut straight through on the side wall,” Fish illustrated.

He said his commute felt like an obstacle course before the potholes were finally patched.

“Cost me about $220, just for one tire,” he said.

Fish said he quickly filed a claim with the city of Grand Rapids. However, it got denied. He said he was told the city wasn’t informed about the pothole and therefore can’t be held responsible for not repairing it.

“It kind of frustrated me to know that that had to be previously reported for them to be able to pay out that claim,” Fish said.

Right now, the city is trying to fix the streets after passing a proposal in May for a $22 million initiative. However, city officials are still waiting for $6 million from the state and may not get it if state lawmakers fail to come to an agreement on a roads bill.

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  • Damn near busted

    But..We CAN'T pay any more taxes…WE CAN'T!
    Think back- gas was $1.87 jan 09.
    Since then the cost of living has SOARED.

    At least the government of Michigan did not vote to take more of what little we have.
    Bravo Governor, we the little people thank you!

  • George

    How many bazillions did we just pay to bail detroit out….again ?

    Jesse Jackson Jr gets $8,700 Per Month in "Disability" as a result of that sudden attack of "mental illness" he got just before he was headed to trial for defrauding the taxpayer…

  • Donna

    Recently we did some traveling and it seems that Michigan already is a state that has higher gas prices. Cannot imagine having to pay more with more taxes. STOP the stupid spending on replacing perfectly GOOD highway signs with identical ones. Resurfacing roads OR paving roads that go no where. It is TIME that our politicians stop spending OUR money and START being more responsible with ALL our money !!!! Raising gas prices would NOT encourage tourism either. Come on politicians … WORK for us, not against us !!!! That goes for Washington too.