Yolanda Reyes’ Husband Speaks For The First Time Since Her Murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Timoto and YolandaGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (June 23, 2014) — The husband of a murdered mother of four, speaking out for the first time only to FOX 17.

The suspect is Shawn Jarrett and he’s a convicted killer who was released after serving 30 years behind bars.

Jarrett was arrested by Grandville Police Friday night for sex assault and home invasion.  Now, the community and Reyes family are asking how this could have happened.

“When they came here, they always think those things didn’t happen here. Everyone talks that in our country is so violent and so many bad things happen,” Yolanda’s husband Timoteo Rodas said as interpreted by family friend Xeomara Montenegro.

Rodas says he and Yolanda came to the United States for a better life, a safer home for their family.

“It’s a sharp pain and you don’t want to be crying in front of his kids,” she said, interpreting Rodas’ statements.  “But at the same time he just wants justice to be served for her.  He doesn`t want to feel angry.”

But, it’s hard to keep it all together while learning Jarrett is now tied to the murder of his wife of 17 years.

“We can put him at this location, he has contact with her, she probably knew who he was, worked with him on different occasions and perhaps was comfortable,” Walker Police Deputy Chief Greg Long said.

Long says the case where Jarrett was convicted of murder is eerily similar to the recent crimes in West Michigan.  Jarrett worked with Yolanda at Neal Mast and Son’s Greenhouses in Walker.

“The day of Mrs. Reyes disappearance was Jarrett`s last day of employment with Neal Mast,” Long said.

Though Rodas says the link to Jarrett doesn’t bring any closure, he’s finding peace that those speculating his involvement in his wife’s death, are being silenced.

Long says Rodas is not a suspect or person of interest and has been fully cooperative since his wives disappearance.

“For the rest of the people that didn`t know Yolanda or didn`t know him or the family, of course there`s a lot of wondering outside,” he said. “The people who knew him knew he wasn`t going to be able to hurt the love of his life.”

Rodas wants Yolanda remembered as the loving mother and wife he and their four children miss so dearly.

“Every morning I wake up and see her picture and says good morning baby how are you today,” Rodas said.

Police fear Jarrett may have more victims on the area and are working with surrounding agencies for any similarities.

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  • Bryan

    I will be the first to admit I thought it was the husband ,I just want to say I am sorry and I hope your family finds justice in this trajic that happen to your family

    • Guest

      Hey Bryan! I don't know you or this family, but want to say "thank you". The pain of knowing others wondered if he was involved must have made an already difficult time feel almost unbearable. It was kind of you to take a moment to write this. I, too, hope that if Mr. Jarrett is guilty, the family can begin to heal.

  • Hope and Whaaaat

    Sad the we no longer have the right to know if the people we work with are dangerous.
    Employers can not ask if a applicant is a felon and it is illegal to not hire a person because of a felony record.
    The criminal is now the victim and has the advantage legally.

  • Michigander

    Our justice system fails once again, how can an ex felon murder be let back into society and expected to not harm anyone ever again??? My prayers go out to this family, who lost a wife, mother, daughter, sister because the law thinks a person who has murdered may be within the innocent. .

  • michelle

    i just want to say that if it was not he's first time to kill someone then now its time that he's gets away too for good, becuase when he gets free again he's going to do the same things.