Gov. Snyder Signs Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Talks about his policies in 2013. Part 1

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder during an interview with FOX 17 in 2013.

LANSING, Mich. (June 24, 2014) — Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesday signed legislation that protects women who breastfeed their babies in public from discrimination.

The Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act allows women to file a civil action against businesses that ask them to leave because they are breastfeeding, according to the Kent County Health Department, which supports the legislation.

The legislation also prevents women who nurse their infants in public from being charged with indecent exposure or obscene conduct.

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  • Yup

    It's dumb I understand the benifits for child's health but also understand nasty no sense women who have no respect to others in the area I don't take my kids to resturant to have lady next to me expose (.)(.) and feed and my son go WHAT. What I'm saying is common sence and cover up.

  • harleyrider1978

    Ho about a law to protect smokers from discrimination and everyone else from all these LIFESTYLE LAWS BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR COLLECTIVE THROATS GOVENOR! Or do you just have a breast feeding fetish Gene!

    You want to see the style of junk science eugenics being used to back up these useless tyrannical calls for Eugenics based lifestyle laws………

    Now we have the Smoking Gene is there anything EUGENICS of the new age era from the old wont come up with for any other lifestyle choises for government run PROPAGANDA Machines!

    Large-scale study focuses on heavy smokers

    Smoking gene increases tobacco consumption

    The researchers have also studied a special gene variant that impacts heavy smoking: The smoking gene has no influence on whether you start or quit smoking. But if you do smoke, the gene will make you smoke more. People who have inherited the gene variant from both their parents smoke 20 percent more than those without the special gene variant.

    Do You Have the Obesity Gene? – US News

    The Gay Gene: New Evidence Supports an Old Hypothesis

    Researchers Identify Alcoholism Gene – WebMD

    Obesity in soda drinkers may bubble up from genes | The …

    The aim of the Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source is to provide timely information on diet and nutrition for clinicians, allied health professionals …

    The Sugar Gene is Found – Sugar Science Forum – Index


    You may have one of the above newly created LIFESTYLE GENES or the Next gene they decide to blame on something you do like the CHILD ABUSE GENE, THE PEDOPHILE GENE,THE GOING TO CHURCH GENE!

    Its absolute MADNESS what drives these PROHIBITIONISTS!

  • harleyrider1978

    Smokers have as much right to the air to smoke as any non-smoker have a right to breathe the air! Non-smokers don’t own it we all use it like everyone else…………

    Even the cars use the air, restaraunts, cookouts, fireworks along with cooking at home and each and everyone of those things including non-smokers releases hundreds and thousands to millions of the same chemicals found in that same cigarette smoke!

    So go outlaw yourselves under the same pre-text as you used for smoking you HUMAN CARCINOGEN MACHINES!

    We are all guilty of tobacco smoking in the same way they claim it via chemical exposures and production only second hand smoke is tens of billions of time less than in the quantities produced from all other sources of the same things they claim cause death and disease.

    You see SHS/ETS is 90% water and ordinairy atmospheric air pg 80 surgeon generals report 1989!