Fatal Motorcycle Accident In Muskegon County

muskegon county sheriffWHITEHALL TWP., (July 6, 2014)–The Muskegon County Sheriffs Office says a 55-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle accident Sunday.

Officials say it happened around 7:15pm near Whitelake Dr. and Durham Rd. in Whitehall Township.

Officials say the man left the road and struck a guard wire, we’re told he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

We have a crew headed to the scene and will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  • k.c.

    Who ever deiced it was a good idea to string wire between roads as a divider was not thinking about us motorcyclists!!! No if i go down i need to worry about getting decapitated!!! just more evidence of morons running the system a muck!!

    • sandeep

      Here’s a thought… how about driving in the comfort and safety of a car instead of making yourself vulnerable to such accidents? Oh, wait… being safe isn’t cool.